Edtech Still Doesn’t Get Diversity and We’re Tired


I could talk all day about my new obsession with the NY Times T Brand Studios and what digital storytelling should be in schools. I get giddy when sharing how hearing Megan Smith talk about inclusive computational thinking beyond drag & drop coding helped me to frame our district’s work in making “makered” accessible to all. I’m obsessed with raspberry pi, arduino, makey makey…etc and more importantly providing these tools for kids to invent their heart’s desires . Heck, we held a series of invention camps for our students this summer and I would love to share how others can and …

Understanding the Business, Politics and Art of School Edtech Leadership


I am convinced that people who work “in edtech” but outside of schools have zero clue as to how schools run. It becomes even more apparent as my phone rings at the oddest, yet calculated times…beginning of the day, around “lunch”…end of the day. My caller ID almost always bears the name of some edtech company or rep and I cringe each and every time. To keep it real, I also choose not to answer because the “cold call” is such a blatant disrespect of not only my time but all of us that work in schools. Do you seriously think that …


Errors in Innovation and Call-Out Culture of Edtech


This exchange happened at a SMART Global Summit two years ago… Setting: SMART Exec surrounded by teachers brought in to give feedback on SMART Amp Exec: So what do you think about Amp? Would you take this back to your school district as a recommendation? Me: Absolutely not. There’s nothing that this product does that can’t be accomplished with google apps. Why would we pay $7 per student for something that we can already accomplish at zero cost? Frankly, I think that you need to seek input from teachers beyond your core community. Many other teachers agreed and added to this feedback, …

Social Marketing EDU and the Art of Learning While Doing


I am absolutely convinced that the internet exists for people like me. You know…the kind of people that when asked to do something will base whether or not they can do it on the availability of online instructions. I am 100% THAT person and so far, it hasn’t failed me yet. It almost did though. The other day, I was given my superintendent’s request for our district convocation surrounding integrating a social media experience for our staff. Her request seemed simple enough… Display tweets on the big screen with high quality visible images. Create a twitter leaderboard of original tweets so …


Why I’m Not Cautiously Quiet, Lesson From My Father


Earlier in my career, I made the transition from middle school math teacher to high school geometry teacher. This was especially significant in a school district where I was not only the first black math teacher in my school ever but definitely the first one in high school teaching a core content area who was not also a coach. My next door neighbor at the time, a well respected business ed black teacher, pulled me aside to offer the best possible advice meant to guarantee my survival. “When you get to that high school, don’t let them know that you …

Reflecting on A Summer of Making and Hacking the Classroom with Students


“One of these days, when we are older and doing this same work but as mentors to other kids, they’ll ask us how long we’ve been engineering things and because of this week, we’ll be able to say to them…I’ve been doing this since childhood. Do you have any idea what you’ve done for us and how powerful this is?” – Student  Back in January, when I “optimistically wrote” on my PiCademy USA application that I wanted to do PiCamps for kids, giving them all their own raspberry pi device with accessories, I honestly had no clue if it could …

Hacking Thought


Tomorrow is the final day of our hackathon and even as I sit here basking in the memories of seeing kids laugh through struggle while learning, I can’t help thinking how this entire event started from a single thought… Why not our kids? I feel like I’ve learned more in a few days than I have in my entire existence in education. Kids have a way of doing that to you. Today, during interviews, I heard kids speak about who they wanted to be in the world and how they felt that technology could support that.  Story after story was …


Today We Started our Student Hackathon


I’ve never hosted or planned a hackathon before this one. At the same token, our kids have never done one. Yet and still, we jumped into this space of uncertainty with minimal expectations beyond inspiring our students to design and build what they felt could have impact on their learning community. The ideas that they had were a mixture of inspiring, empathetic and often ambitious in scope. There was frustration and joy, smiles and boredom…a few water bottle throwing challenges and learning…especially since “kids are gonna kid” and imperfection is a part of the process. Our teams consisted of 3-4 …


#EdtechBlackout To My POCEdtech Community


There was a time in my life when I used to wait with nervous anticipation for conference proposal letters to appear in my inbox. I cried the first time that I was accepted by ISTE because I could not believe that I would finally be able to attend and that people would actually come to my session to hear what I had to say. These days are different though. I no longer wait and to be honest, I don’t even know when proposals are due anymore. I rarely submit my own sessions and if I do, it is a panel …


Authenticity and Co-Opting Voices of Color without Permission


Yesterday, I along with a few of my Educolor/POCEdtech colleagues received an email from MJ of  Edsurge asking for our opinion about their plans to publish a libguide, basically story with resources, about the most recent shootings and wait for it…black oppression. I can see this as a topic of great need since they cross published a brilliant medium post by Mandela Schumacher-Hodge describing how her white boss talked about race at work and to her/their credit, perhaps they took it to heart. We were asked, “Should we really be putting out another libguide? What should we be doing? What needs to be pushed/published/collected?” My …