12 Ways to Attend an Event as a “Newbie” and NOT be One

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Going to an event for the first time? Here’s a list to help you steer your path without sticking out as a “the new guy”. This list was compiled during a collaborative lunch between me, Kristy Vincent and Ashleigh Jensen…all “newbies”…but NOT really.

  1. People do not bite. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and have a conversation.
  2. Come out of your room. Go into the social space!
  3. Find the event on social media! Make a point to get to know attendees. (You should have probably done this before the event!)
  4. Look for the event map. You can find your way. If not, refer to #1.
  5. Don’t sit alone at lunch unless you want to. Go join a group and interact. Again, See #1.
  6. Find the social hangouts and go. See #1 and #2.
  7. Don’t look paranoid.
  8. Make a point to share who you are. People want to get to know you. See #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #7
  9. Don’t fill your entire schedule with sessions. Make time for conversational learning. See #8
  10. Plan for a session but be okay with changing the plan at a moment’s notice.
  11. Find friends to do collaborative notes with! This is a great way to experience other sessions that you miss. See #9
  12. Be yourself but don’t be afraid to stand out! A smile goes a long way!

PLN Additions!

13. If you are on twitter, add your twitter handle to your name tag with a HUGE sharpie! Make it as easy to read as possible but clearly visible! @CoffeeNancy

I hope that this helps you as you venture to your next event. If you think of anything else to help the next event “newbie” find their way, please add a comment or tweet me!





  1. I loved this post. Wish I had seen it before I went to a conference for the first time. I would add to #8: “If you are on Twitter but your name tag doesn’t have your handle in large letters, add it in Sharpie.”

    1. Author

      LOVE this! I’ll add it in and link to your twitter page 🙂 Thank You!

  2. Thank you for the tips! I will try them out at EdCamp FtWorth! I really bad about all of the above or if the hubby is there I follow him around. :-/

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