12 Ways to Attend an Event as a “Newbie” and NOT be One

Going to an event for the first time? Here’s a list to help you steer your path without sticking out as a “the new guy”. This list was compiled during a collaborative lunch between me, Kristy Vincent and Ashleigh Jensen…all “newbies”…but NOT really.

  1. People do not bite. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and have a conversation.
  2. Come out of your room. Go into the social space!
  3. Find the event on social media! Make a point to get to know attendees. (You should have probably done this before the event!)
  4. Look for the event map. You can find your way. If not, refer to #1.
  5. Don’t sit alone at lunch unless you want to. Go join a group and interact. Again, See #1.
  6. Find the social hangouts and go. See #1 and #2.
  7. Don’t look paranoid.
  8. Make a point to share who you are. People want to get to know you. See #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #7
  9. Don’t fill your entire schedule with sessions. Make time for conversational learning. See #8
  10. Plan for a session but be okay with changing the plan at a moment’s notice.
  11. Find friends to do collaborative notes with! This is a great way to experience other sessions that you miss. See #9
  12. Be yourself but don’t be afraid to stand out! A smile goes a long way!

PLN Additions!

13. If you are on twitter, add your twitter handle to your name tag with a HUGE sharpie! Make it as easy to read as possible but clearly visible! @CoffeeNancy

I hope that this helps you as you venture to your next event. If you think of anything else to help the next event “newbie” find their way, please add a comment or tweet me!




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  1. Thank you for the tips! I will try them out at EdCamp FtWorth! I really bad about all of the above or if the hubby is there I follow him around. :-/

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