20 Tips to Being a Prophet in Your Land

Warning: Extreme Amount of Work Required

Find this prophet & other goodies at openclipart.org

Find this prophet & other goodies at openclipart.org

We’ve all heard the phrase that “You can’t be a prophet in your own land.” The sad reality is that for a majority of us, this the truth. No matter how much we do outside of work, it just seems that no one listens inside. I worked 7 years in a place where this was my reality. I was the teacher behind my walls because no one listened outside of them. Yes, I did district trainings for that entire span, but it seemed as if the training stayed behind in the training room. It was disheartening to experience. The thing is, that many of us experience this same reality. It may not be communicated, but it is.

It took me leaving to a “new land” equipped with a progressive administrator before any of my ideas had value where I worked. The problem with me now is that I do not accept anything that remotely sounds close to NO. The beauty of that is that I feel empowered that I can be an agent of change in my own backyard. Here is the secret (This list started with 5, it has grown)

Tips to Being a Prophet in Your Land

  1. Be a prophet in your own classroom. If you aren’t doing “it” there, why are you even talking!
  2. Know your district/admin vision and work within it. (Extremely important)
  3. Always be solutions based. Don’t complain, present alternatives
  4. Be prepared to let someone else take the lead…even your principal!
  5. Be an advocate for kids…community, school, classroom
  6. Share in other places…conferences, state, national and even international (ISTE)
  7. Apply for honors…Apple, Google, Microsoft, DEN Guru, Teacher of the Year…whatever… just apply
  8. Blog the processes…Publishing is empowering!
  9. Connect & share via social media
  10. Always be an agent of positivity for your school
  11. Don’t pretend to be the answer to all. Work within the community of your school and help with small changes.
  12. Do what is needed because it is needed and NOT because you want credit.
  13. Be involved in your school community…volunteer & make connections!
  14. Don’t undertake any task that cannot be reasonably accomplished. You need success.
  15. Adhere to protocol but don’t be afraid to advocate, even when the answer is NO.
  16. KNOW the law, especially if purchasing is involved.
  17. Collaborate in and outside of your community!
  18. Publish your accomplishments (awards & honors) in the local paper
  19. Always work with integrity and NEVER give up. You will want to. Don’t.
  20.  When in doubt, revisit #1 and make THAT your priority.






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  1. What a great list! I can really see your journey through some of what made it there (aka purchasing)! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much! Let me just say that “purchasing” was added after a 3 month fight to purchase technology…Worth every minute of it!

  2. Wow we must live in a parallel universe. Thankyou again for putting my thoughts down I have only just started to blog. I also believe that #1 needs to be revisited lots!

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  3. Being a prophet in your own land is so important. Thanks for highlighting this important issue. Social media often enables educators to share resources/ideas with others and the news may benefit people outside of your school/district. I believe we, as professionals, all have something to share and our ideas should carry value within our own land. Your tips are beneficial to others, especially number one. I’m glad that you were able to find success in your new environment.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much! I am definitely excited to be able to share and more importantly, understand the process how…It has not been easy.

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