30 Days of Learning Day 3: Molding Big Bird

bigbirdFor months, I’ve watched Braeden mold all sorts of clay objects. Today, I decided to learn his process.

1. Search Google images for creative inspiration
2. Open another window for a youtube video and do it again. (The still image is to capture the idea while the youtube video is for capturing movement and detail)
3. Eyeball a “glob” of clay for size and mold it into an “egg” or whatever size is needed for what is being molded.

4. Grab either molding tools or toothpicks to add detail.
5. Also grab toothpicks to attach head, arms and legs.

Check out the video below and you can hear this process directly from the kid himself!


Other learning…

1. Youtube Audio Library is amazing for finding audio tracks for student projects. It definitely gives more choices than itunes alone.

2. I’m also growing as an editor and using “tricks” like splitting audio, including “high speed video” and eliminating as much dead space as possible through splitting clips…helped with the story.

3. 11 minutes of video can still be condensed down to a more viewable time without losing the story.

4. I did try out youtube video editor but I have to say that as much as I’m using imovie now…I prefer it.

5. Capturing Braeden on film sharing his process also helps him become better at teaching it which is something that he wants to do.

6. WHEN I apply for GTA or even ADE at some point, I may just have this video thing down.

By the way, what did you learn today?

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