30 Days of Learning Day 4: Planting Seeds

To be fair, this should be day 6 but somewhere between watching the “Goliath” of our family, my dad, fall ill and coming to terms with the meaning of life…this learning moment was born. At any rate, Discovery Ed sent me a bag of seeds and the learning began.

seedsI’ve never planted a single plant in my entire life so when I received my parcel in the mail from Discovery Ed, it was no-brainer that my “learning moment” would have to be about planting those seeds. There is just something honestly therapeutic about tending to soil in order to prepare a plant for growth. The foundation had to be ready. Can this moment be any more metaphorical?

A few hours before I dug into the earth, I received a text message from a former colleague that one of my students was graduating High School. I stopped what I was doing, said a thankful prayer and cried. See, this student was so near and dear to my heart because as a freshman, she struggled so much with math that she cried almost everyday at the beginning of class. Everyday, I was honored to assure her that she could do it and everyday…she did…even amidst tears.

At the beginning of the school year, she proclaimed time and again that she was quitting. Time and again, I assured her that quitting was not an option. We had so much work to do beyond algebra as this child needed more than someone to love her…she needed to love herself first.

You may never really understand the power of “I’m to happy to see you today”, until you say it and see the glimmer of hope in the face of a student that follows.

By mid-year, she was with me and I knew it.

Before I left that school district for good, I made one call…to her counselor. I needed to make sure that she would be in good hands and that meant that she had no choice but to be in a certain English teacher’s classroom. We remained connected in that way and I also knew that she would be okay.

I’m so proud of my Miranda because I know where she started and seeing her make it to this moment was something that she definitely didn’t foresee when we started. I read an article earlier about a high school diploma being worthless but I need to say that it’s not on any level. For this young lady, achieving her High School diploma is bigger than life. She has a solid foundation on which to build. The nurturing that she has had along the way gives her an even greater chance to exceed her wildest dreams and I am so proud to have had a hand in that.

As teachers, we plant seeds like this daily. It’s ironic that on the same day that my seed paper arrived, I was able to see the blossoming rose of my student. I’ve never felt happier than that moment.

About those seeds…I made a video, of course…

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