5 Words Can Make A Difference: I Am Proud of You

This morning, on my way to work, I stopped by my parent’s home as I often do. On my way out of the door, in the mix of goodbyes, my mom said 5 words that literally brought me to tears…

I Am Proud Of You

It wasn’t her first time saying those words. My mother says it almost all the time but this morning felt different.

This morning, I was reminded that no matter how strong, successful and confident we are…we’re still human and with that comes moments of self doubt. No, I don’t need my mother to express her pride for me to feel good about myself but in moments such as this…when I’m really questioning myself, her words of assurance helped to breathe life back into my steps.

Today, while hanging signs for our student media fair, I found myself thinking of one of my former students…Edgar.

It was as if the world flipped a switch on him one day as he continued to rise to the occasion against all of society’s doubts. He was coming to school early, staying late, studying for exams and doing homework. If you knew anything about him at all prior to these actions, you would wonder what in the world was different about him too.

One day, I asked him what his new motivation was and his reply was astounding.

He said…

“Miss, you told me that you were proud of me and I didn’t want to let you down.”

This was, without a doubt, an emotional moment as I honestly didn’t even remember saying it but he did and that’s what mattered.

I then assured him that I would always be proud of him, even in his mistakes. He didn’t have a thing to prove to me. The only person that he needed to make proud was himself. So, I asked him…”Are you proud of YOU?”

To that, he looked at me and replied…Yes.

It was his first time acknowledging that fact.

Are You Proud Of You?

I am not perfect, by any means, but I try to lead a life of integrity and grace. I fail often and even in those moments, I always find a way to bounce back. I am terrible at keeping track of tasks but I recognize that and am purposeful in trying to stay afloat. I am deeply honest with myself in good and in bad. I love with all of my heart and try to maintain composure in the face of moments that make zero sense.

I get frustrated. Sometimes I even get upset and for that I have great friends that help me keep myself together.

I am strong in my faith and even stronger in loving many whose faith differs from my own.

Everyday, I have one goal…to be stronger than I was the day before and on most days, I meet that goal with flair.

As I reflect more on this morning, it wasn’t just the words from my mother that brought me to tears. It was the realization that our thoughts were echoes of each other.

I Am Proud Of Myself

Sometimes, all we need is assurance.

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