A Boy, A Lion and A Google Form

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.19.35 AMThe other day Braeden decided that he wanted to involve “twitter” in his puppet decisions. As a kid who thrives on collaboration, making a Google form to share seemed like the obvious choice. Those were his words anyway. His questions…

  • What should I name my lion puppet?
  • Should I make a turkey costume for Lenny the Lizard?
  • Which puppet should I make a Christmas costume for?

After the form was created and shared, it was simply amazing watching him light up as his survey takers increased. He watched his data change and as the data changed, his questions and thoughts grew.

Braeden’s Thoughts

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.52.26 PM

  • People will enter the strangest names if you give them a blank space.
  • Maybe asking if I should make Lenny a costume was a bad question since I already knew that most people would choose, yes.
  • Hey, how does the percentage of No stay the same even when the total number of votes change?
  • Wait, now it’s 4 “No’s” out of 40. That’s 10% just like our minecraft lesson.
  • I’m thinking that the more people take this survey, the better because I’ll have answers from more people.
  • Auntie this is called a pie graph and these spaces represent the number of votes for each one.
  • Maybe that Lenny costume question wasn’t a bad question since it’s interesting watching how the percentages change.
  • I feel like I need at least 200 takers since I’ll get better results if more people do it.
  • Don’t these people know that I can’t use names like “Aslan” because of copyright?
  • Will the President take my survey?

Dissecting the Results and Making a New Survey

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.04.40 AMBraeden ended up with 156 responses. It wasn’t 200 like he wanted but he was satisfied with the results. He got a huge laugh out of some of the names that people submitted (Pookie was the funniest!) and to make his selection, he chose to “gray out” the names that he could not live with and keep the names that appeared multiple times.


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.53.23 PMThis led to a creation of a 6 name list which garnered its own form. As of now, he has 79 responses and is still collecting because, again…He feels that he needs more votes for better data.

When I asked Braeden why he felt that “more data” mattered, he said that as he watched his results come in, he had a better variety the more people that participated. He also said that if he had more submissions, he would feel more comfortable knowing that he created what people wanted.


My Edu-Auntie Reflection

When Braeden decided that he would make a form, I had no idea where he was going with it. I honestly thought that he would collect his information and move on to continue creating. I was pleasantly shocked to watch him bury himself into deep thought regarding submissions. Even as he talked in more math language, I chose not to push or question him. I would ask an occasional, “what do you mean”, and while he did elaborate, it was important to make sure that his “wonders” were his own. I believe wholeheartedly in the authenticity of learning and he was making connections. That was more than enough.

I will say that I kept thinking that it was such a shame that he could not do this type of learning at school. What appeared to be a “simple form” was actually a gateway to deeper discussions that connected to something that he loved…his own creations.

If this isn’t authentic learning, I don’t know what is!


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  1. I feel like this is the high tech version (and more in depth) of stuff that my teachers would do when I was in elementary school. Before the incessant testing and constant standards talk/changes/chaos. Granted I was lucky and went to a WONDERFUL school where I know I received a better education than many. However, I know teachers who still teach at my elementary school and they would come up with similar ideas…..if they simply had the time. And that is unfortunate. When teachers are restricted because of the various things they cannot avoid. I am not an elementary teacher. I am not making excuses because I am sure some of the “we just don’t have time” comments are valid, while some are not. And I know I am biased from the wonderful models and experiences I had as a young learner…….but that is my gut feeling.

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