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Creating Change Beyond Your Zip Code

To quote former president Barack Obama, “A child’s course in life should not be determined by the zip code she’s born in, but by the strength of her work ethic”. As educators, we are charged with understanding the potential for growth in connected learning. As powerful as connecting can be for students and teachers, we must still be mindful of those that are often left behind…the silent students in the back of the room, the “off beat” creators and the dreamers still lurking in comfortable zones. In this talk, I’ll invite you into my driveway and together we will take a journey down the pathway of change…one zip code at a time..



Edtech Certifications: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Whether teachers are seeking opportunities to share or communities of common interest, edtech certification programs can provide a plethora of opportunities catered to individual needs. With that said, it should be known that not all certification programs are created equally and some are simply marketing ploys to get tools into classrooms. In this session, participants will learn how to spot the shady systems from those created to empower real growth.

Sparking Creativity with Lights, Bits and Bytes

Whether tinkering with LEDs, batteries and copper tape or learning through Little Bits…learn how students can turn creative play into shareable stories. Participants will learn how students can create and capture their own circuit adventures powered by a little imagination and Adobe Spark.

Coding Camps, MakerMinis and Hackathons

When it comes to developing students as inventors, there is nothing more empowering than placing students in the driver’s seat of their own creative journey. In our rural school district, we have worked diligently to provide access and opportunities for all students by providing them with the tools, resources, and needed supports to tackle problems of their choosing through mentor-based collaboration and computational thinking. Participants will leave with resources and ideas to implement in their own communities.

Supporting Digital Pedagogy through Online Learning Communities

School districts are exploring digital pedagogies and technologies that can enable learning beyond the classroom and facilitate the sharing of information asynchronously. Discover how to inspire innovations in teaching and collaboration while supporting instructors’ ability to imagine and develop ground-breaking experiences that will not only fuel students’ fire for learning but create a foundation for continued professional growth.


Teach Like a Marketer:  Creating Stories that Inspire

Did you know that the NY Times has an entire team dedicated to creating rich, interactive multimedia stories where traditional means of writing are enhanced by the integration of maps, images, video, animations and data? In this session, we will explore the creative devices used by the NY Times “T Brand” studio and learn how students and teachers can also create inspired stories, using tools like Adobe Spark, Google News Lab and more. Participants will create beyond words and images but towards deeper thought provoking visuals inspiring learners to return for more!


3 Keys to Great Content Darketing Design, According to the NY Times

NY Times T Brand Studio

Google News Lab

Adobe Spark