Are We Doing Enough? (Thoughts, Wonders and Tech…a poem of sorts)

Let me preface this by saying that I feel myself evolving. I don’t even know exactly how. All I know is that I think about the kids that I taught, know and see. I watch how we interact with the world in which we live. “There’s an app for that” whispers deeply within. What if there isn’t an app for that? What if all that we need to do is guide our learners into a world where they literally interact and they choose how because isn’t that what we all do? We choose…how. I don’t need a list of apps in my real life. I have apps that I use and all of them are authentic to a need. I find what I need when I need it. I explore. I play. I share. I live. My education, completely undefined by an app, has given me a toolbox of ideas to pull from.

We should be building an army of critical thinkers who are undefined by the “shiny tools” that we give them but purely defined by themselves and how they think.

Either I’m the “worst tech specialist” ever or maybe I just understand that focusing on the tools isn’t enough.

Are We Doing Enough? (Thoughts, Wonders and Tech…a poem of sorts)

Last night, I spent hours watching videos on youtube.
I watched poets, rappers, visual artist, instrumental musicians and dancers.
I thought about all the time we spend on the “shiny tools” and the lessons to fit them.
I thought about the countless numbers of apps that we shove down each other’s throats.
I thought about the insane patterns of testing that are being shoved down all of our throats.
I thought about the questions we get about content, “When will I use this?”
Now we add an app to the mix, “when will I use this?”
I wonder where the “filler tools” end and “authenticity” begins.
I wonder if we make that clear for our kids.
I wonder if we invest more time into sharing how we interact with the world…
If we would in essence be preparing our kids BETTER for a life
Where the “shiny tools” and apps aren’t “things”
But natural extensions of a toolbox when needed.
I wonder if we’re doing enough.
I wonder if we’re doing too much.
I wonder if we focus on building kids from the inside…
In lieu of masking their inside with the “shiny tools” outside
If we can help them to BE all that they haven’t dreamed to see.
Again, I wonder where the “filler tools” end and “authenticity” begins.
Are we doing enough?


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