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Yesterday, I had to remind myself of Amanda Dyke’s great post from last year, “What’s Your Job“. It’s still one of my all time favorites. I was sitting at my desk revising my narrative and redoing my Haiku Deck for my NCSC14 Ignite talk. Up until Sunday, I was supposed to be in New Orleans to give this talk live but that trip was cut because I needed to be at work to do my job with my team.

I will admit to being upset, but as I settled in on the importance of what I was doing and how it was impacting kids, I stopped pouting because there really is nothing more important than that. Besides, doing my part to support our student media fair is so rewarding that I could just hug every one of those children whether they win or not. To see the work that they’ve created proves how valuable technology is for their learning.

Speaking of NCSM14…when I told Suzanne Alejandre of the Math Forum, that I could no longer participate in the ignite, the idea of doing it virtually just came out of nowhere. Without hesitation, I agreed because anytime that I can share tidbits from my math classroom, I am all over it! I recorded my session using movenote, which is an incredible application for storytelling. I tried to adhere to 15 seconds/slide which would have been easier with a built in auto-timer but I’m proud of the end result.

Teaching to the Kids in the Back of the Room

The Bammy Awards Nomination

Yesterday, AFTER submitting my ignite, I happened to check my spam at work and came across my Bammy Award nomination email which was such a timely surprise. As I sat there overanalyzing while trying to determine how on earth anyone got my school email (It’s not hard) and thinking that I clearly needed to change my LinkedIn picture…I understood the significance of the nomination itself and I am deeply honored to be recognized amongst my peers who happen to be amazing technologist and members of my PLN.

I’ve watched the Bammy awards in the past and I will still struggle with the whole “vote for me” part. During the last run, I can’t tell you how many DMs that I received from people asking me to vote for them and I will stand firm in NOT doing that because to me, that took away from the honor itself of being nominated and rated by your peers.

The significance of the Bammy’s, in my opinion,  shouldn’t be about the ranks of popularity but should be about the quality of work that we do. I share my life, every twist and turn, because of how I have been impacted by others who do the same. If my writing, sharing and connecting has had any impact on anyone else, that is my award in and of itself. The Bammy nomination is a nice bonus.

With that said, this is a great platform to honor your peers and whether you vote for me or not, I encourage you to nominate those who have impacted you.

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