Be Fearless: Owning Your Imperfections

I was raised to be fearless yet I have lived most of my life in fear.

When I was the “biggest” girl on my high school dance team at a “whopping” size 12, I could hear my mother mid-field screaming…

“Smile baby and act like you own the place!”

So I did!

Insecurities can get the best of us. We all have those moments when we wonder both inside and out if we are in fact good enough to complete our endeavors. That’s why we spend so much time working, researching, role-playing…preparing. It’s natural to have some sort of doubt…fear. It’s what pushes us to be great. However, it can also hinder us from our goals.

The only way to truly capitalize on your greatness is to face your fears head on. What is holding you back?

For me…it was, ironically, performing in front of a crowd. It’s so funny saying that because I grew up as a trained public speaker. I played the flute in front of live audiences. I performed in college as a drum major weekly. I danced, even as people laughed at me, in front of crowds. I sang a duet in church once. Heck, I teach groups daily! Yet, public performance WAS my greatest fear. With all that I have done in my life, why would I let the fear of performing get the best of me?

Simple…the thought of others judging me more than I judged myself was crippling. I just knew that when they looked at me, they saw all of my imperfections and that was scary.

In the past year, after leaving my hometown, something within me clicked. Something said…

Stop worrying about who is watching(Smile bigger). Stop wondering who is listening (Sing).  Stop worrying that you may not be smart enough (You are brilliant). Stop worrying that you aren’t “beautiful” enough (I am). Stand firm in all of your imperfections and be the brilliant woman that you were born to be!

I realized that in order for me to reach my true potential, I had to be strong enough to leave all of the negative doubts behind. When I work with teachers, especially those that are afraid to leave their comfort zones, I connect with them on a deeper level…that place that holds them back. We talk about it and coax the “fear monster” from its corner and kick it to the curb. For me, it’s beautiful to see as these teachers let the grips that have held them back fall. It’s like watching my own insecurities disappear over and over again.

When you see me, unless it’s in a karaoke bar, I’m happier. I’m smiling and yes…I’m owning it! It’s what I was born to do.

My mother taught me that.

PS: It’s amazing to find your own inner fabulousness but it’s even more amazing to empower others to do the same. #BeFearless



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