Be Reflective But Don’t Punish Yourself in the Process #LifeLessons

The downside to being naturally reflective is that sometimes you have to take a step back and not beat yourself up too bad for mistakes and failures. I found myself staring at the crossroads of my decisions in the last few days and being the reflective person that I am, I wanted to address my choices head on.

I went through the cycle of “what did I do” and “how could I have approached this situation better”…which is typical. Maybe I needed to take a message back. Maybe I needed to not be so free with my thoughts. Then, I realized that my greatest mistake was in trying to overanalyze…a trait that has extended since my GT years.

When you live long enough and you go through the challenges that life presents, you’re bound to make errors along the way. It’s human nature to do so. It’s important that as we grow, we understand that a part of that growth is facing ourselves for who we are and dealing without prejudice.

I’m not perfect by any means. I am always a work in progress. I own this with fierceness.

What I will no longer do is worry so hard about trying to “undo” or “fix” the hiccups. When they happen, I will deal and move on.

If you have the right people in your life that get this side of you…they move on right along with you. Those people are the ones that I consider my friends…my inner circle.

While my big life change is to be more fierce, my greatest change is to deal with life’s “snowball fights” and allow myself to be more human.

Like leaving the typos in hurried tweets, there will be no more stress about that which I cannot control.

I will be reflective, non-punishing and patient.


In case you missed it, I am not perfect.

No one is.

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  1. I absolutely love your transparency and modeling of being human in a way that inspires us to want to do the same. I struggle with harping on myself when I make a mistake… or even if I think I “might” have made one. Here’s to a 2014 of more peaceful self-acceptance. Thank you for all you share, Rafranz.

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