Be the Creative Director of Your Own Life

A few days ago, we gave in and let Braeden tweet for himself. It was our way of putting the art of his story in his hands. To think that a kid who creates his own puppets could not handle something as simple as a tweet was a bit crazy and so now he is. Yesterday, he completed part of his newest creative venture…the head of his fur suit and his excitement in doing so has been contagious so much so that we are all captivated buy it.

braedenFor the 4th of July, Braeden wanted to take a few snapshots and as the camera-woman, I could not just snap what I wanted. I had to snap as he posed because that was what he wanted. I stopped after several shots and asked him why these crazy poses were so important.

His reply was everything. He said…

“Auntie, I am the creative director of my life. I know the message that I want to say. Let me say it.”

For a child so young, he is wise beyond his years. We tend to navigate on auto pilot after a while. He plans and works on that plan. I love that about him.

Earlier today, a fellow edu-friend, John Spencer (@edrethink) tweeted about receiving multiple negative comments on his social sites from a particular user and I immediately connected this with being a director of sorts. We share because we understand the power of adding to this space and telling our stories. We love receiving feedback and having great moments of thought as a result. However, we do not have to accept clearly negative, demeaning or abusive feedback. As the creative director of my life, I definitely utilize the “block” feature of every space without a second thought.

It’s important that we honor filtering the “roads to nowhere” just as much as we pave streets of thought. I believe this with all of my spirit. So, yes…I will delete/block without question.

As the creative director of your own life, you choose the players in it as well as each action.

Speaking of action, I slept after ISTE and I slept long! I needed that. I also took a step back and unapologetically engulfed myself in my own family. As a matter of fact, I am pulling out of an event this week to be home since I will be leaving again next weekend. As the creative director of my life, I refuse to let “event schedules” dictate the time that I give to myself and my family. They come first no matter what and they need to know that.

There was a time when this was not the case but remembering that I am in control helps keep things in order.

The message that I want to convey is that I am a collaborator, passionate educator, mother and friend. It’s time that all of my actions were aligned as such.

The power of being your own creative director is that your choices are yours. There is nothing more empowering than that.


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  1. What a great message! I love the idea of “being the creative director of your life.” It always pains me to know that others spend their time writing negative comments online. Delete away!! Thank you for writing this post. It will stick with me.

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