Because Life Can’t Just Be Perfect, Can It?

When my daughter started college, I was determined to somehow cover every single expense so that she did not graduate with years of debt to pay. I don’t think that I actually realized how expensive her education would be and it’s not easy. I am lucky as she is attending college on her dad’s GI Bill for this entire first year ONLY but that doesn’t mean that the weight of expenses has been easy. Somewhere between paying out of pocket anywhere from $4000-$6000 per semester…I didn’t think this through…clearly. Don’t even get me started on adding in the expenses of attending professional development events that my district is not prepared to cover. (That includes YOU sxswedu)

To add insult to injury, I drive a honda which is typically a reliable vehicle but I am now in the 2% of drivers whose entire car computer system just crashed. That’s another $1,000 at least which means that between sending housing payments to college, living expenses and now a broke down car…clearly my entire monthly salary is spent before it even arrives.

Yet, I smile and continue to work and look ahead.

The thing is, life is rarely a perfect picture. It’s downright ugly at times. At the same token, it’s also still amazing in the sense of looking from the lens of what lies ahead. We struggled at times growing up and I’m thankful for the example that my mother set because watching her pray her way through the hard times was highly educational. She saved what she could, took darn good care of us and eventually things just worked out. They always did…even when we worried that they would not.

I’m sharing this piece of myself because honestly writing makes me feel so much better! Even saying that sentence out loud felt great.

We don’t always get to choose our outcomes but we do get to choose how we react. There are so many great things that keep happening in my own professional life that if I even allowed myself to be defeated by the crazy low points, I would not be half as sane as I am to give 100% of myself to the work that I do.

My example was my mother. I am the example for my children.

I take that role seriously.

If all else fails, there is always chocolate.


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