Blogging Homework: Making These Things Not So Predictable and More Fun

I’ve been known to delete people from facebook who tag me in those ridiculous “chain things” so when this “sunshine award” started, I will admit to some major eye rolls at the idea. However, I’ve had  fun learning more about each person as they posted their “11 things”. I took some time to visit a familiar tool and try a newer one with doing these Q&As. I’ve mentioned each person that I could remember in the Haiku Deck

Here are my 11 Visual Random Facts

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

For @Sarahdateechur I used Tapestry’s txt tool….LOVE this! (My first time using Tapestry)

To Respond to Michelle Baldwin, I created a haiku deck powered movenote

I’m working on the others in multiple formats.

When I do tag, I’m adding a new rule…use some new tool to do so 🙂

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