Blurred Lines of Edu Social Media

socialmediaA few weeks ago, Kristy Vincent (@bigpurplehat) wrote a seemingly provocative post about being the other woman. If you took the time to actually read the post, it was entirely about her thoughts on being a different person depending on the social space.

When I started my trek into educational social media, I had a solid plan. Facebook was for family and classmates. Twitter was for education. Remember this…

“Facebook is for those that you went to school with and twitter is for those that you wish you went to school with!”

That statement still applied to me earlier this year. As of now, that has all changed.

Facebook is slowly but surely filling up with educators from twitter that I’ve met face to face. On the surface it seems as though my non-educational space has now turned pretty educational. However, that is not how I choose to operate.

As educators it’s easy to fall into the notion that we must always share our classroom spaces. We don’t. As a matter of fact, I highly encourage you to have a distinctive space NOT to. For me, that is Facebook and I don’t have a problem with that.

My twitter and blog tend to stick to a professional formula with tidbits of personal. My Facebook will be fully personal with tidbits of professional sharing.

What this means is that if you meet me and choose to friend me, you may have to see the occasional banter between me and my family, YouTube videos or random shares that I find humorous.

On occasion, you’ll see me share educational moments and as you see the stream of confused non-edu comments, the necessary distinction shall be known. See the image below!


Every person must have their journey. I respect my educational space as well as the spaces of those to which I am personally connected.

As a connected educator, it’s important to understand that every one of us needs a space in which to disconnect. Mine is Facebook.

One last note, regardless of the space certain rules do apply. Never speak negatively about your employers or coworkers. That’s just boneheaded and no space is appropriate for that.

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