Born Digital and Evolving

borndigital2I found an image of my nephew taken when he was less than 2 years old pecking away on his mom’s now defunct laptop. He could not talk but knew how to get to the sites that appealed to him.

I remember rushing to the television in order to not miss an episode of saved by the bell or tom and jerry because they only aired at a specific time. My nephew grabs his ipad and finds what he wants on demand via hulu, netflix or the disney channel app. If it’s on tv, he programs the dvr to capture it.

He, like so many of our students, was born digital. From the time that they can grab a mobile device, kids are being entranced by the lights. They learn fast that touching a screen makes “things” happen. The video below is a perfect example of that.

I have to wonder why so many of our students are being asked to power down when they are literally born powered up.

As fast as technology is evolving , I can only imagine what their world will be in 15, 10 or even 5 years. When I was in 5th grade, I was going outside to pat erasers together to clear chalk. By 10th grade, my teacher was projecting content in class…no chalk needed.

My daughter is a college freshman and is playing technology catch up to many of her peers. She didn’t use technology. She viewed it and there is a difference.

As you tackle the learning opportunities that your students will have, take a moment and think about the world that we we live in now and envision the world that our students will experience later. Does your lesson reflect either of those?

Gone are the days of teaching what is convenient. We have to consider our learners. We’ve always needed to consider our learners. Their constant digital experiences make this even more crucial.

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