Bumpy Roads are Sometimes Meant to Be

If you were told that the job you were offered, your dream job, would be the most difficult task you’ve ever taken, and you might fail…would you do it?

sunshine.pngThat is the decision that I was faced with in July before accepting my current position. Of course I took it because that’s what taking a risk is about…doing what is uncomfortable because in your heart, you know that it is what you are meant to do.

I was told up front that the road would be bumpy….that successful management of this particular area has been difficult in the past. The vision was for me to come in and work with teachers during planning,  to help implement strategies based on data and to help teachers implement “21st century strategies” into math classrooms. (See Richard Byrne’s thoughts on this idea.) In essence, my job was to make sure that our math scores went up. That is how I approached my new career as a math strategist.

Over the course of the year, there were ups and downs. I think that ups and downs are consistent in any environment. It is a part of life. The best part about “ups” is that they are…well, ups. The best part about “downs” is that they present an opportunity to grow and become greater….not just good….but greater. That is what we must strive for at all times. I am proud to say that our scores, for Juniors anyway, went up considerably…double digit gains!!! I am so proud to have had any part at all in this happening! (Still waiting on 10th grade)

Unfortunately, as public school tends to do, administrative staffing changed. It was an honor to learn from such prolific leaders and even more so to see them reach their dreams and advance in their careers. With that said, when new teams come aboard, visions change and often, as is the case now, things change….not bad things by any means. I believe that this school will be in exceptional hands next year with an incredible team, one that I will regrettably not be a part of.

To be fair, I had an opportunity to interview for a higher position with our new team. However, I have learned to listen to my heart and I could not move forward when I knew that my strengths and gifts could best be served differently.  We are in the middle of a massive technology transition and I needed to make sure that the path where I was headed was the right one. That is who I am. Every move that I make has a “strategic” purpose. Passion is important and if that moment is the one that I may live to regret, then so be it. There are no excuses. I own my decisions, whether they are right or wrong…they are mine.

So, here I am at another bump. Instead of giving in to belittling what we have accomplished, I will continue to push forward and allow God’s plan for what I am meant to do take place and whatever that is, I will do it! I have had incredible opportunities this year and have no regrets. I learned so much about myself as a person, teacher and leader. I’ve applied for other postions in my district and if it is meant to be, it will be. If not, it’s not. It’s that simple.

I have been incredibly blessed in my eight years as an educator. This year was the most fantastic experience because I know without a doubt that differences were made and I will leave this position knowing that, with my head held high.

Roads are supposed to be bumpy. Those bumps are what gives us strength to do what we are meant to do. I’d travel that same road again in a heart beat because in all of the chaos of the last month, the best part and most important are the students and that is where my passion begins and ends.




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