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The Problem with Awards

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My nephew excitedly pulled out his awards that he earned during this grading period. He was so excited that he earned them…yet still not satisfied. The problem that he had was that “A honor roll” kids got a ribbon and “B honor roll” kids got a “zipper thing”. What??? (An object to place on their zippers) I took this moment to ask him a few questions. 1. Does the award matter? 2. Do you do well in school because of the award? 3. You haven’t won any awards for your art but you do it. What’s the difference? His response… …

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Fear, Connecting, Sharing and Learning from an 8 Year Old

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I share a connection with my nephew that far exceeds our familial bond. Saturday, I was honored to take him with me to assist in my DEN Virtcon Haiku Deck and Movenote presentation. He creates some of the most amazing digital stories and I knew that his input would be invaluable. In the last few years, we’ve watched Braeden shed some of his social fears and anxieties that kept him from interacting with the world in public. As we released his art to the world, he seemed to come alive even more. For a boy that would remain silent for …

Give a Kid Clay and He’ll Make a Scarecrow

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Today I received the sweetest and most exciting facetime call EVER! Braeden, who is becoming quite the “Google” guru, found three scarecrow images that sparked his interest. He liked different elements of each one and wanted to make sure that his scarecrow reflected these traits as well. To illustrate, he put his images into his screenchomp app and circled the parts that he liked.   He then grabbed his clay and toothpicks to mold. (He learned this technique through trial and error. He refined it on youtube)   After molding the head, he decided on a body. The interesting part …