Learning with my PLN at DENsi2013

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Right now I’m on a bus with my DEN friends headed to a museum and farm in Burlington, VT. It’s amazing to be sitting listening to the natural stories that people share. So many different experiences are evident through listening to people connect. We are connecting and it’s beautiful. Last night, we split into teams to discuss the upcoming week. Teams are established to allow for small group discussion and learning. I’ve never been as engulfed within a conversation than I was then. My team is amazing and is filled with learners who are just like me. Heck, this entire …

Why We Need Untangling the Web

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Did I necessarily need a book about “20 Tools to Power Up my Teaching”? Probably not…on the surface. [Edited to add Link to Adam and Steve’s Untangling the Web Padlet from Iste which is pretty GREAT!] However, my teachers needed it and this tool, this one book just made my new life so much easier. Untangling the Web, written by the amazing Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow is probably one of my most fantabulous takeaways from ISTE, because that is where I bought the book! Adam even signed it. (insert #geekbumps and #nerdgasms) If you haven’t seen the most amazing …

Part 1: Koolaid, Love and the Gang

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I never realized the disconnect that existed between my small town and our school until the reality of gang life showed itself. Like yesterday, I remember being a first year teacher finishing a project at the end of the day. My students ran from the room and left so much trash that I would’ve been there all night cleaning it. One student stayed behind and asked if I needed help. After telling him yes, he left the room and returned with twelve of his friends. He nodded his head and they cleaned. When they finished, they looked to him again …

My First ISTE the Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck makes sharing stories so much easier! I love LOVE love that I can go back and add links to the comment portion which makes viewing an even more interactive experience! For now, you will need to view the show on my Haiku Deck page in order to see the comments! Click HERE to go there NOW 🙂   Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

RockStar Tech Tools for PLC Collaboration

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As a tech-minded soul, walking into a non-tech and often banned tech, PLC was an eye opener. Right away I knew that this was something that I could help to improve. PLC, professional learning communities, is meant to support teacher growth through conversations about student success, instructional goals, assessments and instructional design. Lessons are also modeled during this process. Over the course of the year, I found various ways to change the way that we collaborated. There were successes and failures. Below is a list of tools that managed to serve multiple needs. My RockStar Tech Tools List Tools with …

Making Classroom Walls Talk with Aurasma

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I simply LOVE walking in to classrooms with images of students plastered all over the walls! What if those images could talk? With Aurasma, they can! NO QR codes…just a fantastical app that blends interactive content called  overlays with  real world images. Here is what you DO! 1. Take a picture of the student. 2. From the same pose, or as close to it as possible, record a small snippet of that student telling you something cool about themselves. 3. PRINT the picture for hanging on your wall! 4. Upload the video as a new overlay into Aurasma. 5. Scan …

Interactive Math Comics with Pixton and Thinglink

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With testing on the horizon, within days, we are doing a massively insane “summit” to address the needs of our students taking the Geometry EOC. Using feedback from our students, I’ve worked tirelessly to design their online learning platform so that we maximize their ability to learn what they need in a more individualized format. With that said, I am ALWAYS open to try new cool tools to get ideas across in ways that our kids have not seen. Enter Pixton. Pixton is a free social comic strip creation platform. It’s also in the Chrome app store, which I LOVE. …

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Embed Objects into Notebook Software: ThingLink with MathyCathy

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Have you embedded things into your SMART Notebook lessons yet? All you need is some embed code from your favorite classroom ready web 2.0 site and THIS, the embed widget! You have unlimited power, except for java enabled objects, to make your lessons even more dynamic and engaging!!! Below is a video to walk you through the process. I am embedded an amazing thinglink, created my the even more amazing MathyCathy.  She is doing some pretty great stuff! Please check her out! In the meantime, embed away!    

Math Active: Resource for Flipping in Math WITHOUT Video

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Who says the flipped model has to be a video? While searching for student resources for our geometry units, I came across Arizona State’s site of math interactives. What I love about ASU’s MathActive site is that each one follows an “I do”, “We do”, “You do” model. In addition, each lesson comes equipped with a lesson plan. Unfortunately, since each lesson is recorded in flash, they cannot be viewed via ipad. Suggestions for use: 1. Students can be assigned to go through the interactive, which will be basic exposure to a concept, then come back with questions. 2. Teachers …

Create Cool Graphics Charts Using Picmonkey

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My kids love summer because at least twice a week, they get to be my personal guinea pigs as I think of collaborative projects to use the following school year. (Not really why they love summer) Today’s Challenge: Think of three cause and effect relationships. In Algebra, we call these independent and dependent. Take pictures to illustrate each one using your cell phone or the iPad. Use picmonkey (no login required) to arrange each image in a collage. Upload your final product to the network of your choice and tag me in it. (This would be our LMS at school) …