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Going Google At Home, A Reflection of my GTA Video Process

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For the past week, I’ve been trying to brainstorm my GTA video and thinking about how to best tell a story in 1 minute. I sat down and wrote a script, recorded a movenote and sent it to a colleague. It was still very “vanilla” to me meaning that it sounded more “teacher voice” instead of conversational. It’s like I was reading what I wanted people to hear instead of saying what I believed in my heart…if that makes sense. I hate talking in my “teacher voice” because it can often come across as “plastic” and I’m definitely not fake. …

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Confessions of a Tech Specialist: We Don’t Magically Know How to Do Everything

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There is a myth that technology experts/specialist have all of the tech answers. We don’t. As a matter fact, if it were not for collaboration and google search, my trainings would be a black sheet of nothing…well, almost nothing! I do have SOME innovative ideas of my own. 🙂 Technology is an ever-changing bowl of vegetable soup. What worked today may not be there tomorrow. Heck what worked 10 minutes ago, just might be working differently! We have to constantly stay on top of changes, trends and even ideas. That is literally a part of the job. We can’t know …

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iMix, iWonder, iCreate: Digital Storytelling in Math

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Yesterday, I presented my digital storytelling in math session for the second time and in doing so made some pretty hefty improvements. The gist of the session is to get teachers to place control of learning into the hands of kids. I have to say that I was super impressed with the openness and excitement of each teacher that attended. It was truly inspiring. Digital storytelling isn’t new but for some reason we often negate its value in math. For my students, their ability to connect learning to ideas that held their interest was truly powerful. I cannot speak enough …

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Make Your Gmail Sing with MoveNote

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If you haven’t heard of Movenote yet, please stop reading and go check it out. As a matter of fact, download the app and use it on pretty much any device that you happen to be using. It’s a great tool for doing simple task like visually communicating an idea or even telling an amazing digital story because with movenote, you become a part of the story which means that your personality gets to shine through in lieu of text only. In schools, we use movenote with our kids utilizing chromebooks. They have the power to record and share video …

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Diving into Google with a College Freshman

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Prior to leaving for college in August, I made a purchase that I thought would help my daughter fulfill her technological needs as a college freshman. I bought a chromebook. I wanted to spend the time walking her through the ins and outs of her new device. She wouldn’t let me and insisted that she could figure it out. She did, for the most part. She found youtube, twitter and her college textbooks. As I pressed her for finding where she would type her college essays, she responded… “This thing doesn’t have Microsoft mom.” To which I replied… “No, it …

Adventures in Chromebook with a College Freshman

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This morning, my daughter came to me in a bit of a pickle. She needed to get her “paper only” shot records scanned into her college system. I happen to have a scanner/printer combo but it never dawned on me that she had never utilized that particular task. Today, she learned. After further discussion, I realized that the day that I knew would eventually come had arrived. The lack of technology integration into her education had finally shown itself. My daughter is leaving home in 3 weeks and is under-prepared for her tech-life ahead.   My daughter asked… “You are …

Google Translate, The Ipad and my ELL Students

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I have always heard that mathematics is the unifying language of us all, meaning that if I were to take a math class in another country, I could do it because the math is the same. I need anyone reading this to understand that this is NOT the case! I even took a math class from a teacher in 100% spanish. I was LOST. Least year, I was fortunate to be the teacher that would receive all students new to our country in Algebra 1. I had 12 students from Mexico and none of them spoke English. Their classroom had …

RockStar Tech Tools for PLC Collaboration

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As a tech-minded soul, walking into a non-tech and often banned tech, PLC was an eye opener. Right away I knew that this was something that I could help to improve. PLC, professional learning communities, is meant to support teacher growth through conversations about student success, instructional goals, assessments and instructional design. Lessons are also modeled during this process. Over the course of the year, I found various ways to change the way that we collaborated. There were successes and failures. Below is a list of tools that managed to serve multiple needs. My RockStar Tech Tools List Tools with …

Math Stories with Google Story Builder

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Teaching Algebra 1 was surely a highlight of my career as a math educator. While most non math speaking adults may cringe at the idea of loving all things algebra, I would challenge you to spend a single day with me and leave without feeling the same sense of glee! For me, the best part of Algebra 1 was the insane amount of math stories that could be told through each lesson. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a single idea in Algebra that does NOT relate to real life as we live it! Today, I was …