Storytelling with TechSmith’s App Show and Minecraft

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One of these days, Techsmith’s App Show won’t be in free beta and I’ll be sad. For the record, I’m pretty sure that this nifty storytelling tool wasn’t made for education but that didn’t stop plenty of educators from finding it. I actually love App Show because it helps users create stories from an embedded “best practices” framework. You plug in your device and film scenes. After filming scenes, you add voice over and music. If you have Camtasia, you can export for further editing and what’s cooler is that each clip translates over to its own timeline for much more fluid …

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The Geometry Project, aka When Your Mom is A Tech Specialist

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About a week ago, my son was assigned a geometry vocabulary project that required him to choose 30 words from a list and visually represent them. The instructions were as follows… “You are to find these images in the real world. You can personally take pictures, find them on the internet, or find the items in a magazine. You must manually or electronically mark the picture so that I can identify the geometric term in the picture. You will organize these items to present to me in some manner such as gluing the pictures to posterboard, create a “book” of …

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iMix, iWonder, iCreate: Digital Storytelling in Math

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Yesterday, I presented my digital storytelling in math session for the second time and in doing so made some pretty hefty improvements. The gist of the session is to get teachers to place control of learning into the hands of kids. I have to say that I was super impressed with the openness and excitement of each teacher that attended. It was truly inspiring. Digital storytelling isn’t new but for some reason we often negate its value in math. For my students, their ability to connect learning to ideas that held their interest was truly powerful. I cannot speak enough …

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StoreHouse: An IOS Digital Storytelling Tool for the Secondary Crowd

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Typically, I download apps and they live within my ipad in a bit of an “app graveyard” until I find a purpose. I will say that I was intrigued by StoreHouse from the start. Storehouse enables users to share media files from their camera roll, instagram, dropbox and flickr into a web page where they can then add text to form digital stories. Published pages can then be shared via twitter, facebook or by email. Technically, the interface itself is friendly enough for a younger crowd but the 12+ rating satisfies its terms of service. I’ve shown it to a …

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Supporting Teachers in Tech Integration During Planning

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Today I had the opportunity to support a group of 1st grade teachers in integrating technology during the planning process. I’ve never taught 1st grade so this experience was definitely a welcomed one. Each teacher had classroom access to two ipads at all times. In addition, their campus had an ipad cart that could be checked out weekly. As for ipad use, teachers had only used practice apps and games during centers. Creativity had not been heard of. Even after being told “I’m not a tech person”, this group excited me because I knew that all of these issues were …

Google Translate, The Ipad and my ELL Students

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I have always heard that mathematics is the unifying language of us all, meaning that if I were to take a math class in another country, I could do it because the math is the same. I need anyone reading this to understand that this is NOT the case! I even took a math class from a teacher in 100% spanish. I was LOST. Least year, I was fortunate to be the teacher that would receive all students new to our country in Algebra 1. I had 12 students from Mexico and none of them spoke English. Their classroom had …

Create Augmented Reality 4th of July Memories with Your Family

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In the spirit of the “quick twitter video“, vizify, today will be a day for family creativity using two tools that are sure to spark continued 4th of july memories! We will be using Animoto and Aurasma. If you want to join in the fun, below are my 5 steps to get you started! Step 1: Use those devices for capturing moments! All of our kids have devices and today they will be encouraged to take pictures and short videos with vine since Vine videos save to the camera role. I like to use vine because each video is already …

What Haiku Deck Teaches Students

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Today I had an opportunity to lead a session with a group of teachers in my school district. For this session, I created a Haiku Deck, not to use as a presentation driver but to be an informational tool about the applications that we were learning. Today, Haiku Deck, wasn’t at the forefront of discussion but when a teacher asked if students could create Haiku Decks via browser, it earned it’s own “application slot, and rightfully so. Haiku Deck is plain and simply a visual storytelling/presentation tool. It is brilliantly created so that the mistakes that have given power points …

My Life As A Math Tinkerer: A Haiku Deck

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I absolutely LOVE Haiku Deck! If you are looking for yet another quick activity that kids can do during these final days, have them create a Haiku Deck reflecting on themselves, who they were at the beginning of the year, who they are now and where they plan to be in the future! In the meantime, enjoy my Haiku Deck about my life as a “math tinkerer” 🙂   Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad