Our PD Talk: Date the Tool, Marry the Ability

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Yesterday, I was fortunate to sit down with the amazing Dennis Grice and the equally spectacular Jacob Standish as we discussed professional development and differentiation. I’ve been in a bit of a struggle with traditional models of PD…you know, the ones where the trainer walks through tools and never ties it to learning. It is this model that drives teachers to leave the training at the location…never integrating into their instruction because they didn’t learn how to make it happen. The first point of our discussion was that PD should ALWAYS be connected to curriculum because it is the curriculum …

Learning with my PLN at DENsi2013

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Right now I’m on a bus with my DEN friends headed to a museum and farm in Burlington, VT. It’s amazing to be sitting listening to the natural stories that people share. So many different experiences are evident through listening to people connect. We are connecting and it’s beautiful. Last night, we split into teams to discuss the upcoming week. Teams are established to allow for small group discussion and learning. I’ve never been as engulfed within a conversation than I was then. My team is amazing and is filled with learners who are just like me. Heck, this entire …

Why We Need Untangling the Web

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Did I necessarily need a book about “20 Tools to Power Up my Teaching”? Probably not…on the surface. [Edited to add Link to Adam and Steve’s Untangling the Web Padlet from Iste which is pretty GREAT!] However, my teachers needed it and this tool, this one book just made my new life so much easier. Untangling the Web, written by the amazing Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow is probably one of my most fantabulous takeaways from ISTE, because that is where I bought the book! Adam even signed it. (insert #geekbumps and #nerdgasms) If you haven’t seen the most amazing …

My June PD Road Trip #TXtechtrilogy

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The month of June is finally days away! After putting away graduation garb and resting for literally 2 days, the best two weeks of PD that I’ve ever had begins! Check out the thinglink below. Feel free to add yourself to it! Share your PD plans for the month of June! If you see me, don’t forget to say hello!!

Dear @KanyeWest So You Want to Change Education?

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While visiting my morning dosages of online news, blogs and such…I was rightfully intrigued by a slideshow of “Kanye tweets” and one tweet in particular took my breath away. Kanye West wants to change the world, which is nothing new at all but with his new company DONDA, he specifically ranted a series of tweets in which he proclaimed to explore multiple facets of knowledge and creativity…including teachers. So of course, I checked Kanye’s twitter feed myself and was mortified by a particular tweet which is included in the image about math needing to stop at the basics unless one …

Twitter + Education: So Who’s in Your PLN

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If you are reading this and have no idea what a PLN is, boy are you missing out! PLN stands for personal learning network…in other words…your personal learning inner circle. Before the digital age took over, teachers were limited to learning from other teachers in their building or through conferences if they were lucky. Fast-forward to NOW! I can sit in the comfort of my classroom, bedroom, kitchen, grocery story, car (not while driving)…etc…and learn not only great tips and tricks but also educational news. I can engage in educational dialogue with like minded individuals who live and breathe the …