The Social Learning Debate

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The other day I was having a post ISTE conversation with my mentor professor, an ISTE vet. We were having a bit of a disagreement because of my views on sessions, expo time and social gatherings at conferences. I consider myself highly connected through social media. Besides my own tweeting and sharing, I have access to information being shared by the people that I am connected to. Her opinion is that we go to conferences to learn how to use tools in sessions. The expo floor is there to extend learning to playing as well as informing us about upcoming …

Part 1: Koolaid, Love and the Gang

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I never realized the disconnect that existed between my small town and our school until the reality of gang life showed itself. Like yesterday, I remember being a first year teacher finishing a project at the end of the day. My students ran from the room and left so much trash that I would’ve been there all night cleaning it. One student stayed behind and asked if I needed help. After telling him yes, he left the room and returned with twelve of his friends. He nodded his head and they cleaned. When they finished, they looked to him again …

Why Adam Bellow Rocks

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Every school stakeholder, starting with the superintendent and school board personnel, should be required to watch Adam Bellow’s Keynote Speech…Period. I met Adam Bellow months ago at Discovery Education’s Beyond the Techbook. My first impression of him was the he was genuinely a nice man. I ran into him at ISTE and unlike any other keynote that I’ve ever seen, he was a part of the community from beginning to end. I LOVED that about him. He didn’t fall prey to his own hype and even commented that at the end of the day he still had to go home, …

Empowered by Dr. Rita Pierson

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I remember the moment that I saw the TED talk given by Dr. Rita Pierson like it was yesterday. It gave me shivers, literally. When Dr. Pierson spoke about being a champion for kids, she reminded me of my mother and why I chose to be a teacher. Please take a moment to watch the video below. I dare you to NOT be inspired. When I was in junior high, my mother used to take me with her to tutor seniors in math so that they could graduate high school. I was tutoring students who were at least 5 years …

How Twitter Helped Me Find My Voice

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A year ago, I was an introvert. I did not speak unless I was spoken to. It wasn’t that I was being rude, I was just painfully uncomfortable. I had two friends, both of which were in my life since college. Other than that, I didn’t socialize beyond work…and not even then, really. Over the years, I attended conferences and booked myself in sessions from start to finish whether I presented or not. I learned a great deal but I missed the human component of learning…that face to face interaction that can only be experienced from being a part of …

EdtechWomenDine: The Women of #iste13

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One of the events that I looked forward to the most at ISTE was EdtechWomen Dine. After a successful meetup at sxswedu, it would only seem logical to have a repeat night during ISTE and it was grand! I wanted to reflect on the edtechwomen dinner within a day of the event but I needed time to process what I experienced. For years I’ve followed many tech conglomerates, but I never considered the women that makes these organizations who they are. Being in that room reminded me of the episode of Big Bang Theory when Sheldon and the guys attempted to …

My #iste13 : Beyond 140 Characters

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140 Characters is all that we get to communicate daily. In those characters you can’t possibly fit all that ISTE is. I’ve followed the ISTE timeline for years. By following, I mean that through twitter and yes, edmodo…I was #naiste10, #naiste11, #naiste12 and every derivative of it. You cannot possibly understand what this conference is about without actually living it…being there…breathing it…capturing moments. 140 characters isn’t enough. I am blessed to have experienced #iste13 firsthand. It’s kind of tough for me to write an ISTE reflection without including the horrific events of Saturday and Kristy Vincent’s place in my ISTE journey. We …

ReInspired to Fail

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After hearing Diana Laufenberg speak about failure being instructional, I was completely inspired by that idea and wrote a blog posting about it. Unfortunately, that post no longer exist. During a conversation at ISTE, I allowed myself to be intimidated by the passion of George Couros and his postion on failure.  George believes that the word “fail” needs to be removed from the educational jargon. He is so passionate about it that his face turns entirely red when he speaks and you just feel what he means. He’s believable and intimidating. My failure in this conversation was allowing my beliefs …

My Life As A Math Tinkerer: A Haiku Deck

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I absolutely LOVE Haiku Deck! If you are looking for yet another quick activity that kids can do during these final days, have them create a Haiku Deck reflecting on themselves, who they were at the beginning of the year, who they are now and where they plan to be in the future! In the meantime, enjoy my Haiku Deck about my life as a “math tinkerer” 🙂   Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Embracing New Directions

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Today my career entered a new pathway. I accepted a postion as an instructional media specialist for two middle school campuses.Anyone that knows me, knows full well that I have every intention of retiring from education as either a director of technology or a director of instructional technology. Today marked a step towards that! For eight years, my career has centered around mathematics. I started my career as a middle school math teacher and progressed to high school. I even taught a college developmental math course. The idea that my job will not be centered around student success in math …