A Reflection on IWBs, Mobile Devices and Support…or lack of

I read an article yesterday, written by taught.it developer Jason Orbaugh and posted by Edsurge, about the failure of interactive whiteboards. It was interesting and did make a few valid points. However, sprinkling a bit of misleading data into the equation along with ideas to begin with serving only those that will use the technology in lieu of those that will not, left a bit of an aftertaste regarding the vision behind the article. The comments that followed via twitter missed the entire mark and immediately began to sing shouts of “bye bye to smartboards” which I imagined to sound a …

Rethinking the SMART Lesson Structure with Extreme Collaboration

Today,  the question was posed to me, “How can I create a lesson like those on the SMART Exchange?” After going through several techniques and modeling with a lesson that I created, it dawned on me to wonder why we have determined that the SMART Exchange “way of designing” is the right way? A lesson on the SMART Exchange, or SMEX, may have certain components… 1. Title page 2. Lesson pages, notes, key learning…etc 3. Activities (with embedded assessments…maybe) 4. Closure The best parts of today were the interactions with SMART Extreme Collaboration, or XC. Using Extreme Collaboration, an add-on …


Quit Blaming Interactive Whiteboards for What’s Wrong with Teaching

If I had a single dollar for every time that I saw one of the below statements, I could quit education…literally! 1. IWB are horrible for kids. 2. IWB are an overrated and overpriced unnecessary expense. 3. SMARTboards are a waste of money! 4. Promethean boards are a waste of money! 5. (Insert board name here) are a waste of money! 6. I can just use my ipad and (insert app) Last but NOT least and the one that inspired this post… 7. IWB deprive kids of agency…followed by a multitude of “I agree” Let me be clear…I am NOT …


Embed Objects into Notebook Software: ThingLink with MathyCathy

Have you embedded things into your SMART Notebook lessons yet? All you need is some embed code from your favorite classroom ready web 2.0 site and THIS, the embed widget! You have unlimited power, except for java enabled objects, to make your lessons even more dynamic and engaging!!! Below is a video to walk you through the process. I am embedded an amazing thinglink, created my the even more amazing MathyCathy.  She is doing some pretty great stuff! Please check her out! In the meantime, embed away!    

Thinglink for PD: SMART Reveal Techniques

A few weeks ago, we started our SMART training for our math department at my school. This week, I decided to toy around with using Thinglink to deploy multiple techniques. Thinglink enables users to create hotspots in images, making them highly interactive. I saw a great example of a math thinglink and I wanted to try it with our SMART PD group.

Math Active: Resource for Flipping in Math WITHOUT Video

Who says the flipped model has to be a video? While searching for student resources for our geometry units, I came across Arizona State’s site of math interactives. What I love about ASU’s MathActive site is that each one follows an “I do”, “We do”, “You do” model. In addition, each lesson comes equipped with a lesson plan. Unfortunately, since each lesson is recorded in flash, they cannot be viewed via ipad. Suggestions for use: 1. Students can be assigned to go through the interactive, which will be basic exposure to a concept, then come back with questions. 2. Teachers …

SMARTboard QuickTip: PullTabs to Refer Back to Your Objective

As a TAP school focused on effective instruction, our teachers are looking for creative ways to include some of our researched based elements into lessons to make learning more purposeful and effective. One such strategy that we are doing is referring back to our objective throughout the lesson to make sure that our activities are always connected back to the objective. More importantly, the intent is to make sure that students are always aware of what they are learning and that what we do has a purpose towards our goal. In this video, I present a “quick tip” on how …

SMART Notebook QuickTip: Grouping and Pull Tabs

Here is a quick (less than 5 minute) video on creating pull tabs and grouping. As you move further into editing, you will notice pretty quick that grouping will be one of your most used skills in SMART Notebook!

SMART Notebook QuickTip: Editing with Grouping and Cloning

Welcome to my new GPHS readers! While I am editing a ppt that I created for one of our math classes, I figured that this would be a perfect time to record a few videos to help you as you learn the SMART Notebook 11 software. In this video, you will see how I use grouping and infinite cloning when editing a page. If you need any assistance, please send me a message!