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Educon Reflection #2: Get Uncomfortable

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Last night, while contemplating the end of life as I know it (karaoke), I realized something. I have never really taken a risk. As I flipped through the karaoke song book that literally scared me to death, I truly felt the definition of risk deep within the pit of my stomach. Prior to last night, I’ve never been afraid to do something and I know this because I’ve never truly feared anything more than getting on a stage to sing. Risk is something born from fear…of the unknown and of the outcome. There is a rhyme and reason to my …

Pre-Reflecting on Educon

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I knew that I would one day visit SLA long before I knew what Educon was about. I sat in my office last year watching the Whitehouse Google Hangout in awe of those students and their passion for learning. SLA, for me, represented something that I have I’ve never witnessed… idea that an entire school could be truly transformational regardless of race, gender or economic background. I remember watching and thinking…. 1. I want to go to there. 2. I wanted my son to go there. 3. We need schools like this in TX I grabbed my principal and made …

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How to Avoid the “Flood of Tech Tools” Trap

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I get excited sometimes when I learn about new tech tools. I actually spend the time playing with them to figure them out a bit. Then the reality sets in… I ask questions of myself which determine if this tool is necessary for my own use. I think about it from the lens of a teacher and student. What’s the purpose? Why would I choose this tool over “my reliables”? Does using this tool make task completion any simpler or does it add necessary functionality that I do not have access to now? What are the sharing options and how? …

Dear Adults, Stop Telling Kids Who They Should Be! (KThnxBye)

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I have a teenage son who absolutely loves sports. He plays basketball and every videogame that he owns is related to some athletic activity. When he would get into light trouble in school, the phrase “boys will be boys” was thrown around as if it were normal. I can’t think of any other boys in our family who are not into sports except my nephew. He wants nothing of it. As a matter of fact, if you’ve ever seen the episode of Big Bang Theory when Leonard had to fake his love of football while hanging with Penny and her …

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Why Personal Branding Should Matter

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Prior to yesterday, the marketing genius that helped me to complete the style transformation of my blog did not have a web presence beyond Facebook or Instagram which was odd considering his line of work…social marketing. He does amazingly brilliant work but his reach was limited to those that he was connected to through those two platforms only. We had a long conversation about what his intentions were for his business. We talked about the impact that he could have on others just by sharing what he did and maybe even blogging which would provide unique insight into social marketing …