Because Slavery Should Not Be Edtech Gamified #slavesimulation

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It’s been four days now of complete and total commitment to bringing forth awareness about PBS affiliate, ThirteenNY‘s “game” on slaves escaping to freedom in which badges are awarded for risks along the way. This “game”, which received exceptional reviews AND AWARDS from teachers and media affiliates from all over the country, has been used in classrooms since at least 2012. Reviews like… (as posted to their website and linked) KOTAKU – They Made a Video Game About Slavery, And It’s Actually Good “It’s not only an engaging video game, it’s a harrowing, illuminating look at the realities of life as …

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Slave Simulation, An Edtech Game for Classrooms

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Yesterday, I was shocked to open my email from Common Sense Media’s Graphite to find a recommendation and review for the game, Mission US: Flight to Freedom as a recommended piece of technology to “celebrate black history month and beyond” (It has since been removed).  Flight to Freedom is a role playing game in which users step into the character of Lucy, a 14 year old slave, as she attempts to run away to the north to escape slavery. Flight to Freedom is a simulation of slavery meant to give students an interactive look into history. It features everything the “edtech” …