Confessions of A Digital Leader: Sometimes I Prefer Life Unplugged

  It’s been one week since we moved away from our home town. It was a place with its own set of issues but my entire family still lives there and to be completely away is tough.
We have texting, social media, FaceTime, Google hangouts, Skype and pretty much every means of connecting possible. However, nothing beats the rush of emotions that I feel as I hold my tiny niece in my arms…her finger surrounding mine. 

She’s in the hospital again…long sigh.

Technology can’t replace the giggles from tickling my 1 year old nephew after chasing him around the house. Seeing Braeden and his art was magical because watching him work live is an unexplainable event. My daughter, in all of her spunk, lights up the entire room when she enters it.

When someone says, “Rafranz you act like you’ve been away for a long time”…They don’t really understand the love that I feel for my family because it’s not about being gone for such a short time. It’s the finality of my new city being “home”. This is the most difficult part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new community but I’d be lying if I said that being here wasn’t hard. It is.

I also have a new perspective on tech and connecting. As much as I love the convenience of what tech gives, something has to be said about the power of physical connections.

 This is why I don’t believe in an all tech all the time environment.

We can’t allow ourselves the convenience of forgetting the power of a simple hug.

To my friends that think otherwise…live a little this weekend. Hug your families. Hang with friends. Smell the air around you. Feel the ground underneath your feet. Dig into the earth. Close your eyes and be thankful for life unplugged.

….Because this is the life that fuels our spirits and truly enables us to be whole people outside of our work…especially if that work is consumed by tech.

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  1. I can totally relate to this and my thoughts are with you, Rafranz. Your posts about your family have always touched my heart; I share similar feelings as my family is spread all over.
    Take care 🙂

  2. I went on vacation to Yellowstone for a week this summer. I didn’t take my iPad and deleted all my social media and disconnected my email accounts on my phone. It was refreshing. I found that I read SO much more when I wasn’t stopping after every chapter to check my email. When I got back, I decided to keep my cell email and social media free. I felt pretty enslaved to it when it was in my pocket and found I would check it even when I didn’t actually want to check it.

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