Confessions of A Tech Specialist: My Avoidance with Math Apps

IMG_8864-1.JPGI am a math teacher to my core and will always be so it’s only fitting that if there is a session about math and technology…I am a part of it. Only, I’m probably not the best person for this job and here is why…

Most people requesting math/tech sessions want to hear about math specific apps. They want practice apps by standard and that’s not how I roll.

As a matter of fact, if you scour my devices, you’ll find exactly three math specific apps…Desmos, Geogebra and the TI Nspire app.

Here is why…

My own beliefs about math and technology are centered on my beliefs about learning. The application of learning through creativity, collaboration and communication gives kids a chance for real and relevant critical thinking that a “math bot app” won’t give.

That’s not to say that I don’t entertain occasional topic specific practice apps such as Sushi Monster, Factor Samurai, Dreambox learning, manga high, Buzzmath and others. I just don’t see them as the end all be all.

So, yes…I am going to ask questions like…
1. How are your kids creating in math?

2. How are your kids thinking mathematically about real problems?
3. Have you ever watched a recording of your kids talking aloud through a problem?
4. Are you uploading content online?
5. Are your kids uploading content online?
6. Are you and your students blogging?
7. How are you utilizing technology to help kids with the real experience of math that they sometimes lack?

Please forgive me in advance if you are looking for a math content specific list and I start talking pedagogy because the problem with math is not a lack of apps but a lack of understanding the art of connection.

In my experience anyway…

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