Confessions of a Tech Specialist: Sharing My Work, Self-Promotion and Spam

Anyone that knows me knows how much I loathe self-promotion. As a matter of fact, I wanted a long hot shower yesterday just to wash away of all remnants of “promotion” after having to post the “vote for me” link in order to go to Canada for SMART. I probably just might need votes as I am not on a campus to place this in the hands of my students…which I would never do.

To be fair, the SMART vote is probably more “timeline spamming” than “self-promotion” but that too is somewhat loathsome in terms of how I roll in my connected life. It’s just not me.

As I talked this out with a friend, because of course I needed “therapy”, she reminded me…

“In this field, there has to be some type of self-promotion. Who will come to your sessions if they don’t know what it is that you do?”

At that moment, it clicked for me in a major way. I may loathe sharing parts of myself on twitter but to be in this field and to continue to be able to open doors for myself, I’ve got to let certain hang-ups go. To be honest, whether I like it or not, in the world of edtech…what you do only matters if others benefit and you can show it. I would not have my job without self-promoting in some way. I realize this.

I often complain about conferences only gravitating towards the same featured speakers but when you think about it, those are the people that promoted themselves so much that they no longer have to self-promote, others do it for them. People show up to hear them even when the entire presentation is a duplicate of the last 10 events and they tweet it like it’s all brand new. As much as I detest this entire practice, it’s a part of the game and to be in this world, you have to play it. If you’re not going to play it…why are you here?

With that said, I am not going to be all “hey look at me” repeatedly all over my timeline because I have something else that I’m quite proud of and that is integrity. (I’m talking major…major…major flooding…not mild. Mild is good…Major is not so much)

I look at how much I share about my nephew and one of these days, that kid will owe me 10% of his earnings for all of the Braeden-promotion that I’ve done! (I’m kidding)

I said that to point out that I am, by nature, someone that would rather amplify others than myself and it’s time that I learn to share more of my own expertise while still maintaining the core of who I am.

While I promise not to flood timelines with every honor that I may have, I will do more of sharing my work because at the end of the day…that’s what I want to be known for.

That is who I am…my brand.

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