Confessions of a Tech Specialist: Teaching Math to an Empty Room

I spent the last two weeks in two incredible places and I have no complaints as these places, Tennessee and Canada, were amazing experiences.

I’ll be honest in saying that even with these experiences there were two places that I desperately wanted to be…the Beyonce concert in Dallas and TMC14 (Twitter Math Camp). Now, I won’t bore you with the details of how I purchased Beyonce tickets before realizing that Canada was “a thing” and how my daughter and niece were able to share this experience which was amazing. But…that’s what happened.

Twitter Math Camp, the place that wasn’t, was one that I not only wanted to go…but NEEDED to go. I’m not a part of the Math Teacher Blogosphere (MTBOS) as I do not write from the lens of a reflecting math teacher however, math is and will always be the platform from which I build understanding of the technology that I share.

I will never have another math classroom of my own and my “years in math” will forever be stunted at 9. However, my understanding of students, learning and helping them to envision the world as they learn continues. This is because even as a math teacher, I taught “kids” first. This is an important characteristic to note.

My personal classroom may be but an empty vessel of ideas but connecting to math teachers through the global math department and reading their blogs #mtbos, keeps my grounded in understanding the importance of what I do as well. I learn from them and it’s even more amazing when through their blogs, I see my own classroom again. I take that back. It’s even more amazing when through their blogs, I see things that I could have done better. This is how I continue to grow.

I will always be a math teacher first and even if that means that I technically teach math to an empty room, I’ll take that any day of the week before I relinquish this “super power” that I have at understanding how to help kids connect mathematically and how to support teachers in their understanding of where the technology fits.

My life is different now yet it is the same. I teach and support through technology but it is ALWAYS coming from a math perspective. This is where I am different. I like this different.

Math is my happy place.

As it should be…


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