Confessions of a Tech Specialist: Today I Took Back My Identity from Twitter

This morning I looked at my twitter profile and felt sick inside. It was literally a paragraph largely defined by tools. Not to take anything away from my inner tech expert, but I am much more than the tools that previously defined my profile. The thing is that in this field, we are all pretty much experts of the same thing…figuring out how to do stuff really well.

Here’s the million dollar question…

In the big scheme of things, does it really matter if my twitter profile reads that I am a tech specialist, haiku deck guru, smart exemplary educator, common sense media educator, den star, google educator, blogger…etc

It most certainly does not.

I am proud of all that I have accomplished. I am even more proud of the lives that I know I have touched and I’m not done yet because I’m still living and learning which, to me, is a much bigger deal than every tool that I know really well.

One might say that the “commercialized titles” (credentials) increase your visibility in the field. I disagree. What increases your visibility is what you share, how you share and how often you do it. Submit proposals, speak at conferences, blog, host or participate in hangouts. Collaborate. Be true to who you are. That is what matters.

I have a blog and an about me page. I also have a resume…a CV to house all of the honors. I even added a side bar linking to those spaces where applicable.

I work towards additional certifications and “commercialized honors” because I want to be the best at what I do. However, what I do is not who I am and to me, that is what a “profile identity” is about. It’s about me….not the things.

Be all that you are for the YOU that loves it. Learning isn’t about the tech and who I am isn’t about a single honor that I hold. At the end of the day, the words on my profile are just words…taking up my 160 characters of space.

I love and adore every community to which I am a part of and again I am incredibly proud that I have been able to accomplish what I have so far. I am an instructional technology specialist. Yes, it’s my passion. It’s my career. It’s my job.

I am more than my job.

At the end of the day, the most important characteristic of who I am is the one that is written first…LEARNER!


Rafranz Davis

LEARNER! Math and Tech Geek! Disruptor of Ridiculousness


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  1. SO true! You are more than “tools”! You are one of the reasons I work so hard! YOU inspire me to be better! YOU inspire me to be more than “tools” or the “techie” as well! YOU are AMAZING!

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