Confessions of a Tech Specialist: We Don’t Magically Know How to Do Everything

There is a myth that technology experts/specialist have all of the tech answers. We don’t. As a matter fact, if it were not for collaboration and google search, my trainings would be a black sheet of nothing…well, almost nothing! I do have SOME innovative ideas of my own. 🙂

Technology is an ever-changing bowl of vegetable soup. What worked today may not be there tomorrow. Heck what worked 10 minutes ago, just might be working differently! We have to constantly stay on top of changes, trends and even ideas. That is literally a part of the job. We can’t know everything but we can know how to find what we need.

Personally, I rely on resources shared by many of my friends as well as ideas that we collaborate on. I’ll be honest in saying that at conferences, I rarely learn anything new because before it’s at a conference, it’s been on twitter and that is typically where my learning occurs.

Yes, I’ve Gone Google!

My school district is a GAFE district so it’s been really important to me to learn deeply so that I can be more effective for the teachers that I support across the district. I decided to take the Google Educator certification exams and to start, I took the “Chromebook” track. To become a certified google educator, you must take 4 core exams and one exam of choice.

I think that I got a bit ahead of myself and tried to take my last two exams in the same day. I didn’t go through the entire chromebook course content and there were questions that I did not know or didn’t read thoroughly. I did not pass my chromebook test the first time and while I was upset, I learned that I needed to be more mindful of taking the same advice that I would give students…

You don’t know everything. Take your time to learn even if you think that you know it!

I could’ve given up but I didn’t. I actually bought the chrome browser test a few days later, passed and earned my certification. Of course, I couldn’t just go without passing my chromebook test so after 7 days, I took my chromebook test again and earned that endorsement too.

The bottom line is that while we do not know everything, we are always looking to be better at what we do. We should anyway. When you don’t know…search for it. If you can’t find it…ask. By the way, We have this amazing image hanging in our office … “how to be a tech expert”. I found it online at Enjoy!


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