Confessions of a Tech Specialist: We Share and Borrow Each Other’s Stuff

Yesterday I taught what was supposed to be an intro session to google forms in my school district. I wasn’t scheduled to teach but a peer took sick and of course I volunteered to teach the class. I’ve taught google forms quite a bit so teaching on the fly wasn’t that big of a deal. Typically when I teach a class, I pre-send resources to attendees. This can be anything from a video to simple “getting started” instructions. In the case of this course, I went to the google forms article below written by Beth Still for which really is a brilliantly thorough guide for those getting started.
Google Forms

Sharing resources such as this actually help to accomplish three other intended yet unintended goals.

1. I get to provide my teachers with another way of learning…a new resource or blog post.

2. I get to share a new person to learn from socially. In this case, it was Beth Still.

3. When teachers have tools like this ahead of time, they actually spend the time going through them which save time during sessions as I did not have to repeat basic information.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of social learning and sharing from my peers gives me room to communicate that. In addition, I did not have to recreate the wheel on a resource as it was already done. It’s important that we do this as it communicates to teachers about the power of sharing. I don’t “re-brand” the work of my peers as my own. Teachers need to know that there are other resources out there for anything that they want to learn.

It was great seeing teachers walk in, get on their computers and pull that resource up. Quite a few of them printed it and were not just making new forms but were embellishing the ones that they started earlier in the day. My session was no longer a “basics” but a “What do I do now to apply this knowledge” session which meant that we were able to spend time on add-ons like Flubaroo and Autocrat which we would not have gotten to otherwise.

I owe a huge thank you to Beth Still because her sharing made my session an amazing learning event and our teachers were pretty ecstatic! If you have not connected with Beth, you should!

Beth Still (BethStill) on Twitter

The latest from Beth Still (@BethStill). Wife & mom – Nebraskan – Founder ISTE Newbie project – Difference maker – Love to empower teachers and students.

Sharing is an important part of what we do. Truthfully, there are so many new tools out that one cannot possibly be the expert of them all. Whether admitted or not, we are all sharing a piece of someone else. I believe that it’s equally important to say, “I didn’t create this, but this person did and it’s amazing” as it is to say, “I created this for you to use.” because both of those statements lend themselves to… “You can create this too”…which is where we should be aiming to be.

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