Conversations with My Son, On Rejection

So this happened…

My son reads my blog which is kind of cool. Today, I walked in to the house to a nice “talking to” about rejection.

His words…

“I know how you feel about that rejection thing you wrote about. I mean, I think that being rejected by a parent is just a bit more serious but I feel you.”

So yeah…there’s that.

There is really nothing greater than a nice reality check moment.

My Son…My Hero

About a two months ago, my ex husband started throwing hints that he wanted “OUT” of my son’s life. It was the oddest thing to even have to discuss because for 14 years, while he was a terrible husband…he was a great father. Unfortunately, as adults sometimes do…He met a lady and her kids. She disliked my son and he was given the boot for good.

About a month ago, as I took my son to grab a few things from his dad’s…he walked in to seeing that his dad packed all of his things into trash bags. 7 bags of memories…I’ve never seen him as upset as he was that night.

As traumatic as that night was, I’ve seen my child bounce back embracing his new reality. There have been bumps along the way, of course, but he’s a trooper. At 14 years old, my son wakes up everyday and goes about life as if nothing is wrong. He’s surrounded by love, encouragement and the REAL reality that he’s going to be ok.

His words…”He doesn’t want me. He’s done as far as I’m concerned. I don’t need him. I’m good.”

My son is a pillar of strength…my rock. He’s going to be just fine.

Crazy how upset we get sometimes over the little things…

All of sudden…my little tech issues are nothing.



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