Conversations With My Son: Your Mom is “THE Rafranz Davis”

sonThe first thing that my son said to me yesterday was…

“Hey mom, you got called, “THE Rafranz Davis” by one of my teachers.”

Oh great!

The context of this statement came about because my son wasn’t paying attention in his computer class which meant that he missed the directions. So, of course…the natural response from his teacher was…

“Your mom is THE Rafranz Davis, you can do this in your sleep.”

Or something along those lines…

Although I am so against comparing parent to child, I know this teacher and I get the humor in the message that she was trying to convey. I didn’t freak out and get all “preachy” about appropriate teacher response either. (I call this edu-parental growth btw)

Instead, I asked my son how that made him feel. I wanted to know what he thought when she said it because he has been compared to me for most of his school life and he gets quite annoyed with it…as he should.

My son responded…

I wasn’t mad at all. I laughed and then I nodded my head…YES! I mean mom…She called you THE Rafranz Davis. The emphasis of that wasn’t even about me. It was about you so maybe she has respect for you because of what you do. I just smiled back and started paying attention because she was right, I shouldn’t have struggled but it had nothing to do with you being my mom. I shouldn’t have struggled because I know how to use a computer. I mean, all we were doing was clicking. It didn’t even take require thinking. That’s why I wasn’t paying attention. Plus it was a PC and not a Mac.

But for real…I wanted to come home and tell you that because I was proud that she mentioned you in a computer class. I always get it in math. This was fun though.

We then moved on to the next conversation completely driven by him…discussing a girl, naturally.

Long sigh…

It was only day 3.


PS: My son is his own person and has his own strengths and weaknesses. He is not me and should not be compared to me on any level. One of these days, people will get that.

Today though…smiles and head nods.


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  1. wow, thank you so much for this blog post. I learned so much as a parent and educator from your story and your thought process behind it – and I am so happy for you that your son felt the way he did about it all 🙂 it’s beautiful you’re both so proud of each other 😉

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