Create Augmented Reality 4th of July Memories with Your Family

Our children in a candid moment

Our children in a candid moment

In the spirit of the “quick twitter video“, vizify, today will be a day for family creativity using two tools that are sure to spark continued 4th of july memories! We will be using Animoto and Aurasma. If you want to join in the fun, below are my 5 steps to get you started!

Step 1: Use those devices for capturing moments!
All of our kids have devices and today they will be encouraged to take pictures and short videos with vine since Vine videos save to the camera role. I like to use vine because each video is already short enough and will need zero editing!


Step 2: Create the ultimate trigger image with some sort of identifier for each child!
I asked each of our children to select their favorite image. Each square represents a difference trigger. My son completed the graphics using keynote. I asked him to keep it as simple as possible.


Step 3: Create quick auto movies with Animoto!
After kids finish capturing key elements of their day, they will use the animoto app on their device to create a quick “4th of july” memory to share. The best part is that Animoto videos can be downloaded to their camera roles. Animoto creates “auto” movies and allows for captions & text as well. In addition, users can select a soundtrack for their video. It’s as easy as mom’s apple pie!

Step 4: Bring out Aurasma!
All of our kids know how to create with Aurasma because this is how we created our graduation memories for my daughter. Using the Aurasma app, each of our kids will overlay their video onto their selected trigger.

Step 5: Save and Share!
Creating as a family is one of the best gifts that parents can give kids. We will have these gems for years to come. The cool part is showing the value of the devices to my parents, which is such a powerful bonus! Every one of us will have a copy to keep!

I can’t wait to share their finished product!

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  1. I am excited to see!! I have Aurasma but have not figured it out :-/ still working on it 🙂

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