Create Cool Graphics Charts Using Picmonkey

My kids love summer because at least twice a week, they get to be my personal guinea pigs as I think of collaborative projects to use the following school year. (Not really why they love summer)

Today’s Challenge: Think of three cause and effect relationships. In Algebra, we call these independent and dependent. Take pictures to illustrate each one using your cell phone or the iPad. Use picmonkey (no login required) to arrange each image in a collage. Upload your final product to the network of your choice and tag me in it. (This would be our LMS at school) Make sure to write a sentence for each relationship that correctly describes the relationship.

My son, being the “short cutter” of the family came up with this image, which includes no pictures that he personally took, instead using stock images from picmonkey along with a few pics from my computer. However, he did give me correct labels as well as sentences, which he uploaded to instagram…and immediately removed.

At any rate, I do have a great example of how students can take a web resource like Picmonkey to create a final project that is both fun and educationally relevant.

About Picmonkey

Picmonkey is an online photo editor that enables users to edit photos in styles very similar to instagram with the creative power of picnik, which no longer exist. Picmonkey is actually the brainchild of former engineers of picnik who literally owned the online photo editing department for years. The service is free and requires no login which makes it perfect for the educational setting. There are a few ads but with the power that Picmonkey packs, the ads are no problem.


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