Just a Snippet of Notebook Math Tools Helps to Increase Algebraic Understanding

Today’s algebra lesson was an extension of the proportions/non-proportional pattern poster that I did with my students last class.

First we watched a brainpop video about slopes and rates of change which I linked in my Notebook file. (Of course, this included a brief pause and “transparent layer” illustration of rise over run.)

Next we had a brief refresher about the slope intercept form of an equation, followed by student demonstrations about finding the “m” and the “b” in a table and graph.

The next page featured a scenerio that I created based on my own childhood experiences of “rising” around the corner and “running” to meet my friend to play. Students take turns moving Jane and Jill to different points.  After Jane and Jill are moved, students then illustrate the rise over run from different locations.  Once we have a nice feel of finding slope on a graph, we then moved Jane and Jill to create the equation formed between their points.

Having math tools is pretty handy for this activity because students are able to write their equations and convert to math ink to connect the graph. It’s such a cool checking tool!

Participation for this activity was easily at 100% as every student wanted a chance to move Jane and Jill.

On the next few slides, we investigated and discussed the verbal meanings of slopes and y-intercepts. For homework/classwork, students are to choose one of eight scenerios and create the table, graph, equation, meanings and definitions.

Students are also tasked to create their own questions based on the information given. Check out the handout below and also check the link for my lesson, freshly uploaded to the SMART Exchange!

PDF of assignment
Download at the SMART Exchange


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