Dear Adults, Stop Telling Kids Who They Should Be! (KThnxBye)

mathI have a teenage son who absolutely loves sports. He plays basketball and every videogame that he owns is related to some athletic activity. When he would get into light trouble in school, the phrase “boys will be boys” was thrown around as if it were normal.

I can’t think of any other boys in our family who are not into sports except my nephew. He wants nothing of it. As a matter of fact, if you’ve ever seen the episode of Big Bang Theory when Leonard had to fake his love of football while hanging with Penny and her friends….THAT is my nephew.

Don’t get me wrong, he likes recreational sports that involve him alone doing things like bouncing a ball or running…but team competitions are a NO. When we attend football games, he spends his time looking at the craftiness of the mascots.

This is who he is at this moment in his life and it’s critical that he knows that he is wonderful in his own choices.

Yesterday, we gave him a sewing machine. He asked for it because he believes that it will help him create puppets a bit faster. I posted it to facebook and immediately deleted the posting (as well as the idiot) because of these comments…

  • Why would you give a boy a sewing machine?
  • Is he gay?
  • Is he making dresses too?
  • That’s just doing too much.

I’ve never been as angry at one person in my entire life. Many parents have sworn off “pink and princess” for girls yet we haven’t quite figured out where to draw the line with boys.


  • Not all boys love sports
  • Not all boys play with cars
  • Not all boys enjoy wrestling in mud
  • Not all boys crave train sets
  • Not all boys live and die by Superman and Batman
  • Not all boys live and die by society’s definition of what they should be

Kids are kids and to them, life is about doing what makes them happy at the moment. Adults are the ones that create and impose the rules. What if we just let kids be kids? I can only imagine what life could be like if certain adults didn’t screw kids up! (Sorry, a bit fired up right now)

If my nephew wants to make puppets in any gender using whatever tools that he believes are necessary…so be it!

For crying out loud…He is 8!!!!

Dear Craft store that only carried pink scissors…Really???

(KthnxBye is a total shoutout to the amazing Tim Childers)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this important message! I really cannot believe people would post such ridiculous, insensitive. and (other words I will censor from my vocabulary) comments. I was so lucky to have a grandpa who broke such barriers. He cooked, sewed, and worked on the streets of NY as a blue color worker, working his butt off!
    I can’t believe the ignorance of people. Leave kids alone and see their genius emerge. Thank you for being that inspiring storyteller, once again.

    1. Post

      Thank you Joan. I grew up with my dad kind of drawing the line on a few “gender specific” roles but in the last few years, he’s changed and it’s refreshing. He cooks, cleans and irons his own clothes. In the past, that was not the case. The kid is 8. I refuse to limit him!

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