Dear Teachers, When it Comes to Tech, Be Empowered!

tchrsThe other day, I was having an instructional discussion with a friend from another school. Her school has technology available but it is not being purposed for student learning. Her school does not have an entire instructional technology staff so discovery of new tools and ideas is strictly left to teachers. She told me that she did not know how  or where to go find ways to use her technology. She followed that statement with a question about time.

“How am I supposed to find the time to teach myself about technology?” – long sigh

When I talk about this idea on twitter, I hear about teachers being overwhelmed, too busy and my favorite one…INCAPABLE of learning about tech on their own. I’m sorry…what???


Classroom teachers are expected to be the lead learners in their classrooms. Demonstration of growth and attention to transforming learning should be an expectation within our craft…not options for the “able-minded”.  To NOT include technology as a part of the learning conversation is ridiculous and redundant. I mean, if you are fortunate enough to have a classroom set of devices, you should not have to wait on me to give you a list of apps. Hold on, let me google that for you! Actually, try this search since cross-curricular apps for creativity have proven to be better for students.

I am all for doing whatever is necessary to take care of teachers but that does not include coddling or making excuses as to why it’s okay for them not to know why or how to reach their kids before the next training in a month.

Teachers have  expectations that students rise above challenges, collaborate, create and think critically in the process…at least they should! Teachers must be willing to do the same.

As Kristy Vincent inadvertently pointed out earlier, doctors go to advanced trainings often to improve their craft. I would not want to visit a doctor who did not do so. Improvement and growth must become the expectation for all educators.

Be Empowered! You are ready, capable and worthy! You Teach Me!


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