Dear Twitter Marketing: An Open Letter

I’m writing you this letter because I think that you should be much more intentional about connecting with the education community. To be honest with you, for a platform that fundamentally enables users to share stories, you are missing out on some of the most amazing stories involving twitter.

I know that you are fully aware of the impact that you are having on education. You see the stats and you may even be aware of the educational hashtags that scroll amongst the billions of tweets per second but I wonder if you truly “get it”…how deeply your platform has supported the transformation of teaching and learning.

Think about that for a second. Plenty of tech companies have tried but not many have done what you are doing…without really trying. I’m not asking you to provide any form of sponsorship, send money to schools or even change your platform in any way. (Although a private periscope channel would make that app a bit more user friendly for education)

What I am suggesting is that you have a more intentional presence in the education community.

There is an initiative going on right now to connect more kids, teachers, schools and communities. As a former teacher who used to be limited to the boundaries of her hometown, this connecting is critical and can be life changing. I had no idea that there were so many different ways to disrupt learning (in a good way) until I started connecting via twitter. I am one teacher. There are thousands more just like me.

There are schools who have completely changed the way that they approach learning because their school leaders and teachers engaged in conversations beyond their school walls. Teachers that could barely talk to the teachers in their halls are connecting daily with other teachers all over the world. That’s huge! There are kids gaining more opportunities because through twitter, practices were questioned through thought provoking questions…all in 140 characters or less.

It’s not just our teachers. Our students are connecting to each other and also to professionals in the field…real people who want to help support education.

I know that I may be asking for quite a bit but, it would be awesome if you had a presence at our educational events. You…dear czars of open communication…could even participate in conversations ranging from principles of learning to impact beyond textbooks through social justice.

You could be a part of the conversations about tech, diversity, equality and equity.

You could share amazing stories of connectedness on your blog or even help promote stories as they are being told.

The key, though, is in recognizing that we are an audience worth sharing about. Can you imagine the impact of capturing those stories on the ground in schools and sharing videos from around the globe? Think about the thousands of schools that are not connecting and that are not using your platform yet. Why aren’t they and how can you help them?

We share the power of twitter to anyone who listens because we know how much it has changed many of our lives and classrooms.

Maybe you could start sharing these stories too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 3.33.10 AM


Thank you!


PS: At minimum, you should have a section on your blog that shares stories specifically from education. There are plenty of them…as long as your are intentionally grabbing them.

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  1. I was thinking about this today as I listened to a Dan Pink podcast where he was interviewing one of the founders of Twitter. I wondered what percentage of Twitter users are in education. I

    feel there’s a ton happening on Twitter that just doesn’t come through my feed (I follow around 200 people, most of which are education related) so in my mind it’s like ‘oh, education conversations is really all Twitter is!’ when it’s obviously not.

    I thought of so many teachers who don’t see the value of being a part of the conversation, or don’t even know a conversation is happening. I wonder what it would look like for Twitter marketing to embrace what’s happening educationally on their platform and try to encourage and engage in it.

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