Digital Icebreaker 1: End of Summer Tackk Challenge


Back in the day, I used to have kids complete a survey sharing fun facts about themselves. This is how I used to get to know my students. Thankfully, technology offers us different ways of sharing and learning about each other.

When I train teachers, I love to challenge them to share stories about themselves when learning how to use new storytelling tools in the classroom. This is especially effective when working with teachers who are still a bit reluctant or afraid to go out on a limb and allow kids to express themselves.

For this activity, I am using TACKK which is an amazing social sharing tool like SMORE. The difference is that students can create unlimited posters at no cost.

Other Features of TACKK

  • Edmodo sign on as well as instant edmodo sharing
  • Google single sign on
  • Connects to social sharing services like instagram and flickr
  • Utilize internal image search from 500px
  • Embed videos, slides or banners to other websites
  • Users can add comments and links, which extends learning
  • TACKK posters embed anywhere!

Are you up for the challenge?

Create your TACKK, use the hashtag #tackkchallenge and share via social media!

See on Tackk.com

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