1. Love this and still love to doodle on pieces of random paper! Doodling electronically just isn’t the same… Plus some of my greatest plans, thoughts, next steps or ah ha’s came from a random doodle on the back of a napkin. Inspiration can hit you or your students anytime, anywhere or with anyone. I would hate to see that moment vanish because you didn’t have a piece of “shiny” to capture it. I have also discovered that after I have had those great moments; I can transfer them to the shiny (even on a SB) and (so can students) so I/we can manipulate the ideas around the ideas, write even more ideas, extensions, add links, etc… but I see the “life…the process, not product” of my thinking and learning…and…that all started on that random piece of paper.

    1. Author

      I used to doodle all the time and I’ve found that I stopped. You are so right. Ideas happened because of doing that. Definitely need to include the random pieces of paper!! LOVE the way that you articulated this!

  2. It is a good point not to forget about this in the digital age. We know that tactile learning stimulates the somatic cortex of the brain. The more parts of the brain you use, the more likely you are to actually learn something and retain it.

    1. Author

      Exactly!I am all for technology and all that it enables us to do. I just hope that my kids get to finger paint with real paint too.

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