Education, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness


My absolute favorite Lennon Quote

Everyday I get to wake up, get dressed and do what makes me happy. It’s an indescribable feeling other than that of pure giddiness. It’s knowing that with every ounce of your being you are where you belong. Everyone should feel this.

When I prepared to head to my first round of college, my dad gave me one piece of advice. He said…

“Find something that makes you happy  because at the end of the day, if what you do makes you feel something great, it will never be a job to you. Don’t do what you think we want you to do, find what makes YOU happy and do that.”

It was the best piece of advice that he ever gave me. I started college as a computer science major, then a music major, then a math major before finally realizing that I was happiest when studying education. I have never been happier.

John Lennon was on to something back then. We learn for life…we learn so that we can be the best of our current and future selves. Happiness is the core of that.

I’ve connected with many of Dean Shareski’s postings, keynotes and impromptu conversations about the culture of joy. I agree that we get so caught up in the mechanics of education that we forget about the power and importance of pure unadulterated joy.

If we give kids the experience and allow them to find what makes them happy, it forms an unbreakable connection to the importance of education…the importance of learning…to have a future full of happy.


Watch Dean’s  TEDxWestVanEd on Joy below.

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