Extending Your Brand via Twitter with Twitter Cards

Yesterday while playing around in the twitter developer area, I came across twitter cards. I’ve seen summary cards appear in postings from major news outlets but I never knew that I could also produce them through my own self-hosted blog.

summary Look at the two postings on the left. The post on the left is utilizing a twitter summary card which gives readers a snippet into what the post is about. It’s a great way for potential readers to determine whether or not they want to read your blog.

The Benefits

Twitter cards turn links to your blog into media experiences. With a little coding, or in my case…a wordpress plugin, every tweet containing a link to your content will also come equipped with a twitter card that is visible to all followers of the person initiating the tweet. What this means is that YOU control how users view your content via twitter. In addition, the right content can draw more audience interaction and/or increase your network.


Types of Cards

For a blog such as this, twitter recommends the summary card. However, there are others like player cards which enable you to embed videos or slideshows into your blog tweets. The summary card came with instant approval but the player card can take up to a few weeks before twitter will provide a green light. Wondering what a player card is? It’s the tweet below with the vine video attached. I imagine that this is what twitter took away from instagram. They literally had their “player card” revoked. 🙂


The Summary Card Setup (WordPress Self-hosted)

If you are running a wordpress self-hosted blog, the summary card setup is as simple as installing a plugin. I’m using a plugin called “twitter cards meta” which automatically adds the meta tags to your blog header.

The steps are as follows…

1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
2. Search For “Twitter Cards Meta“.
3. Install, then Activate it.

Once activated, click settings and then choose “Twitter Cards Meta”.

Check out the thinglink below for more!

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