Favorite IPad App of the Day: Storylines


Storylines is an amazing application that allows users to create shared stories. Stories can be passed around using the same IPad or even created via the iPad and Facebook. Basically, one person creates a title followed by another person illustrating. The next person writes a line of story then the next illustrates. Storylines is extremely easy to use and is loads of fun from the start.

When the story is completed, users can watch the story transpire on the iPad, in a browser, share via email or share via Facebook. Below is an image of a story that my six year old nephew created with my help. Click the image to view our story.


1. Storylines would be much better with IPad to IPad sharing.
2. Would be great to use across multiple disciplines and many grade levels.(yep, we made one for math!)
3. Users are limited to “nine lines” which is difficult when stories are a little bit longer.
4. Along with toontastic, easily one of our favorites!

Visit the developer’s website here.

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