For Those Moments When Ignore, Mute, Unfollow, Unfriend or Zip Aren’t Enough

There’s a long standing phrase between myself and one of my trusted colleagues…#WWDLD…which in essence keeps me from going off on numerous rants daily.

#WWDLD = “What would Diana Laufenberg do?”

I live and post by this piece of advice from Diana Laufenberg

“If it doesn’t add to or further enhance a conversation, don’t post it.”

This is NOT easy by any means.

Social media can be annoying at times. Admit it…You KNOW that I’m right! For all of the amazing blog postings, tweeted links and insanely productive “app-tivities”, there are plenty of moments of “Heeyyy Look at Meeee” that seem to be rewarded with even more “Heyyy Look at Himm” and I know that many are experiencing the same as evidenced by my DM timeline which seems to be the “go to” for many “Are you kidding me?” moments. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

(Newsflash: You too can be propelled to “edutwitter greatness” if you share what you actually do as well as what you claim to do, tweet everyone that you did it and then nominate yourself for every opportunity that arises. Seriously….that’s pretty much it!)

Or…You can walk your own walk…experience your own journey…and do it regardless of who is watching.

Let them be them….You be You.

Many have asked how I’ve been able to steer through those “mind numbing” moments without going on a mini rant yet remaining eternally optimistic on my own path. It’s simple…

I have to remain true to who I am at all times and accept that not everyone sees the world from my point of view. I naturally accept it and I’m okay with that. I hope that I’ve taught my own children the same.

I’ve found that if I focus on the negatives of connected life in lieu of the many positives, I am in essence falling prey to the minion-like thinking that has propelled many to place the “perceived achievements” of others over their own ideas.

A Few Life Remedies for Social Annoyance

  • Read a great book or blog post that stimulates your creativity.
  • Spend time with your family.
  • If you’re at work, focus on your job.
  • Write your own blog about something that matters to you.
  • Work on a project.
  • Watch a TED talk.
  • Walk the dog…or play with your cats.
  • Go for a walk…work out!
  • Help someone accomplish a goal.
  • Work on your own life goals.
  • Realize that your inner “Sheldon Cooper” is just too much for nonsense.
  • Have great friends that will privately listen to your thoughts (rants) until you come to your senses.

If all else fails…

Ignore, Mute, Unfollow, Unfriend or Zip




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  1. One of the greatest things I’ve learned recently is that of experiencing my own journey. And that for all the wonders I am experiencing and want to share with others, it’s okay if no one decides to take up the path beside me or cheer me on along. Because it’s my path to walk. Because I’m the only one who can walk it. Thank you for walking your own path while serving as a model for others who are struggle and still trying to find their footing.

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