For Those Moments When We Lack Patience

I’m going to guess that I am not alone in saying that there are definite moments when I feel overwhelmed. Between the speed and complexity of all aspects of life, there are moments when you just need to stop, wait and breathe. We all have those days. Today was mine.

As I sat at my desk after the office cleared, I had some time to reflect on what exactly is clogging my thoughts. The only word that I could even muster was…PATIENCE.

We are such an instantaneous bunch. We want everything to happen like yesterday! That’s not a bad thing but we have to be mindful of how life really works and it’s not always instant.

Learning isn’t always immediate. Most books aren’t written overnight. You’re probably not going to make a year’s salary in a day.

If you fail at a task, the road back may be long and tough but that journey in between is where the growth happens. It’s where we gain clarity.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

These are the moments to let go, breathe, live and wait…

It’s essential.


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