From the Parking Lot: Reflecting on Change in Edu

There is this myth that change in education comes as we place more devices into the hands of kids. This statement is one that is both a truth and a lie.

We talk often about learning not being about a device. It isn’t. However, access to technology is definitely imperative.

Why? Simple…

Access provides opportunities for kids to reach information. In the last few months, we’ve definitely seen why such access is critical as lack of access is blinding. That’s what it’s like for anyone without it…especially kids.

Tools, as important as they are, play a small part when it comes to change.

The rest?

YOU, the educator
YOU, the admins
YOU, the parents
YOU, kids

The moment that we accept that we are no longer the key holders to all of the information and that kids bring valuable experiences to the table is the moment that change can truly happen in education because this requires a thought shift on one of the toughest mountains…mindset.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t teach any brainless drones. Every single one of my kids came in with their own perceptions and perspectives of the world that they lived in.

My job?

To help them question…think…process…develop… Create…innovate

The room numbers outside of our classroom doors are just that…numbers

Learning is everywhere.

All of us?


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